Writers' Choice

Welcome again to another wonderful, thrill-packed adventure of literary prowess! It's time for the eighth Size Riot contest, the topic of which has yet to be determined. Nominations are being submitted only by those writers who submitted entries for three or more of the previous contests, but everyone will get a chance to vote on those topics in the last two weeks of September.

What could the topic be? I asked everyone to reach deep into their hearts and describe their fondest wishes. Or to come up with the complex, multilayered topic they'd always wished someone would suggest. Or just to imagine some deuced, son-of-a-bitch topic to flummox the other writers. I'll take all the answers I've collected by Friday, Sept. 14, and arrange them into a list for everyone in the world to vote on.

Oh, and be sure to read the Rules. They may have changed; if they haven't, it's still a good idea to read them just so you know. Nearly every question I've been asked has been answerable by reading the Rules, so I may start to impose some draconian penalties for frivolous inquiries.

Big Couples: This topic entails gigantic people having their way with a normal-sized person, or a normal couple playing with a tiny person. There's plenty of room for interpretation on this, from playing with sizes to what defines a couple. The evaluation (Nov. 1) includes categories for comedy, erotica, horror, &c., so you really can run with this in any direction, word limit notwithstanding.


  • September 1−30: Signups for October's contest.
  • September 14−17: Voting on the October topic.
  • October 1−31: Writing!
  • November 1−23: Reading and evaluating.
  • November 25: Winners announced!