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Available Air Photography (WMS Services)

  • 2004 Link leaf off, 50cm Resolution, flown April
  • 2008 Link leaf ON MNR FRI, 30cm, flown in July
  • 2011 Link leaf off, 20cm flown in April. For the most part this imagery was flown to capture a 2km buffer around all provincial highways. A few of the Municipalities flew some other areas to infill. The coverage for this imagery for the most part is withing 2km of the highways.
  • 2013 Link leaf off, 20cm, flown in April 2013. The coverage for this imagery is from approximately south end of the Township of McKellar , south to include all of the Town of Parry Sound and the Township of Seguin.
  • 2016 Coming Soon, Central Ontario Orthophotography Project Spring the WPS area has been flown again and will be available near the end of 2016 or early 2017...

What is a WMS service?

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