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Check out WPSGN imagery cache here. This is a mosaic of our most current imagery with full coverage of West Parry Sound. We have started using it as the base imagery for all our our services.

  • 21 Scale levels down to 1:282.124294 comprising of 47,045,943 tiles!! Thats 340 GB of data!
  • We support multiple standards of protocol for serving (over the Internet) georeferenced map images which a map server generates using data from a GIS database.
  • Supported Image Format Types:

Our WPSGN imagery cache mosaic is comprised of the following years/projects

  • 2004 Link leaf OFF, 50cm Resolution, flown April
  • 2008 Link leaf ON MNR FRI, 30cm, flown in July
  • 2011 Link leaf OFF, 20cm flown in April. For the most part this imagery was flown to capture a 2km buffer around all provincial highways. A few of the Municipalities flew some other areas to infill. The coverage for this imagery for the most part is withing 2km of the highways.
  • 2013 Link Southcentral Ontario Orthophotography Project (SCOOP) - leaf OFF, 20cm, flown in April 2013.
    • The coverage for this imagery is from approximately south end of the Township of McKellar , south to include all of the Town of Parry Sound and the Township of Seguin.
    • Under the guidance of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, over 40 private and government entities worked to produce this product. SCOOP digital imagery (20 cm resolution) was collected with sensor Leica geosystems ADS80 SH82 for areas of Ontario between April 26th and May 7th 2013.
    • The project encompassed an area of approximately 35,762 square kilometers, covering parts of South Central Ontario including Peterborough, Haliburton, Muskoka, West Parry Sound (Seguin & Archipelago South) , Simcoe and surrounding areas.
  • 2016 Central Ontario Orthophotography Project (COOP) will aquire 20 cm resolution, leaf OFF, multi-spectral imagery that is accurate to 50 cm “on the ground”. The imagery will be acquired in areas across central Ontario in the spring of 2016

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