Report a Sighting

Please help our natural neighbours! Your sighting reports of species at risk provides helpful information that can aid recovery efforts. Your report will be submitted to the Parry Sound Ministry of Natural Resources. Thank you for your assistance in the conservation of at-risk species.

Please follow the link below to report your sighting:

Species at Risk Review Tool (Admin), Log in Here

Nutrient Monitoring Website

Do you want to learn more about water quality along eastern Georgian Bay? Have you ever wondered who monitors the water around your house or cottage? We have developed a searchable map to show the major monitoring programs and activities in each area of the Biosphere Reserve. Start at this link, click here

The website has several different features and tools, allowing the user to explore nutrient conditions along the Bay. The ‘Summary’ page allows the user to review the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s Lake Partner Program data. You can simply view the total phosphorus results for your area, or more advanced users might wish to use the “Query” and/or “Chart” tools to analyze the data. The ‘Advanced’ page allows the user to review and compare three different nutrient monitoring programs.


Please contact David Bywater, program coordinator for further information at conservation @ or 705.774.0978.