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*Issues (2017/08/08) 
We were able to rebuild the base imagery on all of the 'new' GIS applications.  There is still an error ("The layer, Imagery (Time Enabled), cannot be added to the map")
Ignore this error for now, click ok.
(Posted 2017/08/08 11:41 AM) 

Interactive Mapping Application

Designed to work on Desktop applications that run the Adobe Flash Player Plug-In. Note: We have stopped all development on this application to move away from Adobe Flash Player. Because of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in this application will not run on mobile devices.

*Note: We are getting very close to retiring the Interactive Mapping application that runs with the Flash plugin (above).  If you are a public user please begin using our New Public GIS 
Internal Users for each municipality will be switched over to their own internal application in the coming weeks/months
For more information please visit;
Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era
How Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook Plan to Eliminate Flash

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