Interactive Mapping Application

Built for Desktop & Mobile devices for any Operating System

Version 5 is built using HTML5 and CSS3. *Attention* The NEW Version 5 currently DOES NOT support Internet Explorer

Internal is now available for all!  There are a number of tools that are still under development.  Please check up the list of What's New, Known Bugs and what is coming soon under MENU > Help /Tips and also follow our news feed.
Update on the Old GIS (Version 3-Flash): The hardware on the server that the old GIS was running on has had many failures recently and has been shut down as of 2019-Feb-15.  We will be troubleshooting, testing, and fixing everything we can.
The Latest News, service interruptions, network problems, server updates or relevant information can be found on our twitter feed, @wpsgn_news. If you are on Twitter, Follow Us! Otherwise, just view the embedded feed below. You don't need to have an account with twitter to view this feed.Your browser may be stopping the feed from loading below, click the link to open manually.

Major Server Changes

We are still actively moving services off our old servers. Below is more information regarding the transition.

server:8081[s08-Went online in 2008] --- SHUT DOWN FEB 15, 2019

server:8084[s13-Went online in 2013] --- the sql database crashed on this server in March, 2018 --- we were forced to move everything back to server:8081-s08 --- s13 will need to be completely rebuild in early 2019. SHUT DOWN FEB 15, 2019

server:8090[s18-Went online in 2018] --- all our services continue to be migrated here.