Watertown Public Schools
STEM Week 2020


At Watertown Public Schools we actively seek out opportunities to engage our students and families in a holistic STEM-rich educational experience throughout the school year. During STEM week 2020 WPS offers multiple immersive STEM Week activities at all schools. In addition, we recommend you to connect with Local programs at nearby libraries and museums that feature STEM activities. There are a ton of regional and national STEM competitions in which most of you can take part. Please browse through our WPS STEM Week website to get a few ideas about curriculum and opportunities to engage with during and beyond STEM Week.

Massachusetts STEM Week 2020 takes place from October 19th - 23rd (inclusive of the weekend before and beyond). The theme for the third annual statewide STEM Week is “See Yourself in STEM,” with a particular focus on the power of mentoring. Women, people of color, first-generation students, low-income individuals, English language learners, and people with disabilities are underrepresented in STEM industries and make up an increasing portion of the overall workforce, but the demographics of STEM fields have remained largely the same. More young people to see themselves in STEM.

"If a student cannot envision a career in STEM fields, classroom training will only take them so far. Throughout this year’s STEM Week, students will be able to accelerate their STEM career pathway, gain experience in the jobs they may someday hold and be inspired by professions they did not even know were within their reach."

- U. S. Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III, co-chair of the STEM Advisory Council

“STEM Week will help bring those types of transformative experiences for hands-on learning to many more students across the state, and we at Vertex are thrilled to be a part of that effort.”

- Dr. Jeffrey Leiden, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vertex and co-chair of the STEM Advisory Council

“Studying STEM creates endless opportunities, and we hope more students can see themselves in STEM.”

- Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, co-chair of the STEM Advisory Council

"Getting kids involved and interested in STEM-related activities at a young age, even if they don’t pursue a STEM degree in the future, teaches them problem-solving skills, how to interact with technology, and instills creativity."

- Dr. Deanne Galdston, Superintendent, Watertown Public Schools


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