Cunniff Learning Garden

If you'd like to help out in the Cunniff Learning Garden in some way please sign up here to learn more about volunteer opportunities

The Cunniff Learning Garden was started with the "How We Grow" grant from Lowe's and includes the Butterfly Reading Garden with benches and a walkway in front of the school.

Pictures of the Garden

Forsythia bush pruning

Forsythia bush before pruning

Forsythia bush after pruning

All of the different types of tomatoes grown at the Cunniff Garden

Fargo Pear

Indigo Cherry


The Cunniff Garden has a lot of different types of flowers

Red Tulips


Corn in the Three Sisters garden

Examples of Our Harvest

October harvest 2016

Zucchini harvest fall 2015

Building and Art Projects in the Garden

Creating the Three Sisters garden

Bottom left: the Three Sisters Garden May 2017

Forsythia bush art projects

The kids taking the summer courses offered at the Cunniff school used the Forsythia bush leaves that they pruned earlier to create art projects.

Nancy Dow's class summer 2017

Tying up sweet potatoes with summer program kids

Summer kids July 2017