Learning Sciences & Technology

Undergraduate Funded Research Opportunities

The 2023 NSF REU in LS&T

Leveraging the Learning Sciences & Technologies

to Address Achievement Gaps for Secondary School Students

We are accepting applications for Summer 2023 now.

More details coming.

We are planning on running the Summer 2023 REU in person, in Worcester, on campus.

*REU is only able to accept students who are

US Citizens and Permanent Residents.

If you would be more interested in topics related to Data Science, but are interested in participating in an REU at WPI,

I suggest you check out Prof Elke Rundensteiner's Data Science REU site.

The data science faculty are a great group as well!

They study data science stuff about climate and all sort of other cool topics.

Interested in Machine Learning in Cybersecurity?

Check out Dr. Dongwon Lee's REU program at Penn State University