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hybrid exchange open 24/7 year round e-cose east-coast ~ enosh ~ enosearth ~ $eth ~ FOREX + STO(ETH) + STELLAR LUMENS (XLM) + COMMODITIES + TIME MANAGMENT (SCHEDULE) erosp A+ (tokenization) one-day later.. ecose (does not exist) POLYMATH and ETHEREUM ecose cos(t)=|x| so soon us neo ceo see seen sec sun son eon one e+c=hose




------- inauguración de nuevo ecosistema -------



"Together "iou" we pioneer the way as "oui" see fit.

    1. Xierra is the largest growing smart city in Colombia. The people commemorate Xierra to usher a new era for Latin America. Plans to migrate the general population from Santiago de Cali commence before the start of the next decade. The WiMAX powered smart town is the first of its kind engineered with underground sub-levels, equipped with vaccuum-powered conduits, sanitation, fresh water aqueducts, graywater reverse osmosis purification system, metro, rail cargo, fiberoptic sun and moon light satellite, mainframe, time capsule, unattended failsafe protocol to support the rapid growth. Solid foundation for future construction of two skyscraper with enclosed bridge-to-walk between buildings. Another two skyscrapers along each side with roof top prime delivery. Xalon drones. Military jets. Automotive. Aerospace. There is a core focus on fitness, nutrition, education, sports, entertainment, business, and engineering. The Space Academy (TSA) sponsors education in all the sciences and English. The children take the lead and learn core compentacies to build stronger. ECOSE works closely with smart regions to enter ecomomies of scale into an era of stability where time management is automated to accelerate growth over time of need and streamline productivity into the next market cycle. Employees move onto new job assignments to learn skillsets that intergrate well into other sectors of business. One that meets the interests of every working class citizen and movers and shakers. Top companies that enter in "epsilon" mode prioritize in a manner that moves people up the ladder to gain more work experience to maintain dominance for their respected employers. MINIMALIST LIVING IS OPT. FIFO (first-in-first-out) MODEL. ONE WAY FUN. FROM HERE ON OUT I WANT TO OBSERVE THE VERY BEST OF HUMANITY. IF EYE DONT YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO EVERYONE. SHUSH.

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  2. 13And God said to Noah,

  3. "The end of all flesh has come before Me,

  4. for the earth has become full of robbery because of them,

  5. and behold I am destroying them from the earth. Spiritual

Cutoff point to accept fiat that build infrastructure. Bitcoin forgiveness. Organic network effect. Xierra is the first smart city in the making to pioneer socionomics, tokenomics, and economics.

  1. ♟️ solar panels♟️ diamond maker ♟️ 🁠 🁠 🁠 🁠 🁠 ... onehero SWOT analytica

  1. PENDING MINOR EDITS BEYOND THIS POINT - OPEN will allow everyone to adopt the LUMEN. We are on track usher the world into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our community is open to the public. Tokenize central bank issued fiat currency into digital assets. CBDCs is going mainstream. To acquire XLM you may ONE deposit Bitcoin into our hybrid exchange. The XLM/BTC pair is not supported. The only way to acquire Lumero is if you go thru our KYC vetting system.

  2. If you transact in BITCOIN the blockchain will update the ledger into an account in my custody. It is no longer yours. It is mine. In return you get XLM and the seller gets Lumero. Vice versa, TWO. If you have XLM and want to acquire LUMERO. You can do so with this pair LMX/XLM.

  3. climaX

  4. In short, I must I have a significant stake in the protocol before I ever let it loose again. It's only a matter of tame. A soft-fork to move to proof-of-stake is in the works. I am ship-ping mining equipment to LEO orbit.

  5. MR. CLAW "chance of snow"

  6. We encourage everyone to read up on financial literacy.

  7. We are addressing a problem often overlooked on exchanges. Buying into crypto incurs a transaction fee with a net loss of up to 3%. To counter act this you are incentivized with an instant rebate in LUMERO. If you need more Lumero you can adjust the dial on the equalizer to as low as 10% XLM and 90% LMX. Must have at least ONE LUMERO to activate a new account. No monthly or annual charges.


  9. CONSUMER-to-BUSINESS "The LUMEN is paid by the party receiving LUMERO". The fee is under a penny. You forfeit your right to own XLM every time you want to own more LUMERO. This hybrid exchange is the FIRST-and-ONLY flow-chart model to work in theory. I dare you to do better.

  10. Lumero is unlike any other token. Our coin uses a unique money transfer flow model hybrid exchange. You cannot use a traditional system to exchange in-and-out of LUMERO. Lumero account services will only allow cash transactions if the wallet was activated from a naturalized citizen. Lumero can be earned as soon as you enter the workforce. We encourage you to build a nest egg to build a line of credit in this financial system. The end of debit. Your LUMERO is used as collateral to incentivize near-instant transfer of USD with cooperation from AMEX or VISA. You never physically own the USD, but it is yours to spend. Biometric credit cards will usher this coin-less society. We will explore smarter bill integration when the opportunity presents itself.

  11. Your reserves should stay above the recommended threshold. Spend as you wish within your means to build your social credit score for this new economy. Anytime you purchase a product or service, LUMERO is deducted from your collateralized account. The only way to buy into LUMERO is if you exit out of your native fiat currency in Latin America.

  12. DEBIT-pal-CREDIT ecology sys team

  13. Latin Americans can purchase XLM if they link their bank account information. Buying USD is also available. Telecoms have reserved well-knowns TCP/IP ports for this stellar payment network. Each Stellar transaction will incur a minute charge in LUMEN. Telecoms have an opportunity to seize multiple revenue streams. The payment network must have 100% uplink time.

  14. LUMERO offers market stability.

  15. NOTE: Measures are in place protect the the credit worthiness of the dollar. The secret service has our assurance. We are taking proactive steps to integrate your interest first before our own. Addressing your needs is essential and in our mutual interest. We only work with technologies with a true ecosystem. Our promise to you is to neutralize 99% of unregulated securities in its tracks. Keep growing organically without any hype or speculation.

  16. This memorandum is updated periodically. CODE-X

  17. Naturalize new Latin American citizens before all currencies collapse. Prepare to buy out privatized companies that control the freshwater supply like rivers, lakes, and aquifers. Virtual water footprint. The only fiat system observed shall be USD. Bitcoin forgiveness program. Stellar to power telecommunications. Lumero between smart city infrastructure.

  18. Latin American Embassy: 4-Tier System

  19. ONE: Intranet.

  20. TWO: Travel.

  21. THREE: Living.

  22. FOUR: Employment.

  23. Online Banking: Online Voting:

  24. Virtual Water Footprint Credits

  25. -Good nutrition is my top priority.

  26. -Meats are costly. Control market.

  27. -Raw fruits and vegetables will be free.

  28. -Debt forgiveness. No wage cuts. USD. Covid-**

  29. -New rights as a naturalized citizen. Freedom watch.

  30. ENGLISH MY WAY to remain competitive around the world. Globalization. Simple. You have the right to be free and express your individuality, practice what you believe in. Embrace multiculturalism. If you wish to leave Latin America we will explore that option. No one is obligated to become a citizen. We have an opportunity to usher in a new system. This is our time to seize it. Everyone is getting a fair warning. I am talking to those who are exploiting my people. Our resources.

  31. Where you lack vision we see a way. MULTICULTURALISM.

  32. There will be one currency for Latin America.


  34. Strictly education about aerospace no dinosaurs.

  35. Financial literacy and environmental science will be fun.

  36. You won't even realize you are learning English in the process.

  37. Latin America will introduce the first hyrodgen car.

  38. Turbo Rotary Engines.

  39. VROOM.VROOM...eeeeeeeXaaah--lOOOOOOON!!!

  40. Electric cars are boring.

  41. Just fill your tank with tap water.

  42. XALON