Product research

This is not a summer job...this is professional grade workmanship. To achieve a quality protective coating, preparation is key but that is just the beginning. Even the best preparation will not protect the project if the coating is applied incorrectly. This is where the difference between World Class Painting Inc. and other painters becomes apparent:

  • Product Research: Every product we use is examined at a technical level utilizing product data sheets. Coatings must pass our standards for quality and safety before they are considered. Quality is determined by resin type, solids and product testing. Safety is determined by VOC compliance.
  • Coating Application: DFT (Dry Film Thickness) is one of the most important aspects of the coating process. To protect your home the coating must meet this specification as determined by the manufacturer. If your paint estimate does not include this variable it could be a "red flag". If a company does not meet the specification by eliminating a coat of paint and/or "adding water" to the coatings the project will be compomised. Professionals should accurately quote and then meet this specification, there will be doubt that we will.

World Class Painting Inc. considers every detail from paint quality, application variables, environmental conditions and professional workmanship, we will not leave anything to chance.