World Cultures

Last semester, students contributed ideas to form this class:

E Scavenger Hunt:

To begin, read and research about the history of Seattle's ID:,_Seattle

  1. Draw a grid of the international district, using S Main, 4th , 8th ave S, and Dearborn.
  2. Label:
  • streets,
  • Hing Hay Park,
  • Historic China Town Gate,
  • Danny Woo Garden,
  • King Street Station
  • Uwajimia
  • Wing Luke Museum

3. Following our plan - on the permission slip, label our destinations in order we will visit. The tour starts at the Wing Luke Museum.

4. Research and LABEL where you might like to go to lunch. You should mark them on the map with a key- what you would buy. Chose two restaurants each based on three different cuisines. Fusion can be one of the cuisines. Inside Uwajimiya counts. Bakeries count.

5. Research the grocery list on the Uwajimiya website and write down five items on your map that you have never eaten or heard of.

6. Research the Wing Luke Museum website, and list five things that spark interest to check out.

Grocery List

  1. Banana Ketchup (Filipino)
  2. Fish Maw (chinese)
  3. Gai Lau (chinese)
  4. Soba Cha (Japanase)
  5. Tamarind (SE Asian)
  6. Daikon
  7. Kepap Maniss
  8. Shiso
  9. Inarizushi
  10. Jelly Fish
  11. Kashiwa Mochi
  12. Katsuobushi
  13. Soba
  14. Panko
  15. Banana Flowers
  16. Dashi
  17. Egg Noodles
  18. Fuzzy Melon
  19. Gochuchang
  20. Panang Curry
  21. Congeez
  22. Sukiyaki Meat
  23. Chili Oil
  24. Bitter Melon
  25. Botan Ame rice candy
  26. Durian Fruit
  27. Udon
  28. Mung Beans
  29. Longan Fruit
  30. Koui
  31. Japanese Croquette
  32. Fugul Puffer
  33. Milk Fish