Trade, Industrial Organization and the Food Industry


Paris - May 16th 2019

147 rue de l’Université, Paris.

Organized by INRA - Aliss - Economie Publique


Marie-Laure Allain - CREST, CNRS

The Effect of Intermediate Price Discrimination on Retail Prices: Theory and Evidence from France

José de Sousa - Université Paris-Sud

Market Integration and Convergence in Consumption Patterns

Alon Eizenberg - Hebrew University

Structure, Conduct, and Contact: Competition in Closely-Related Markets

Thibault Fally - University of California-Berkeley

A New Engel on Price Index and Welfare Estimation

Gautam Gowrisankaran - University of Arizona

Price Setting and Negotiation in the Supermarket Industry?

Hugo Molina - KU Leuven

Buyer Alliance in Vertically related Markets

Lorenzo Rotunno - Aix-Marseille School of Economics

Weight gains from trade in foods: Evidence from Mexico


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