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Won't You Join Us?

Are you tired of the 9 - 5 grind?

Be it the commute, the office politics, or even having to deal with superiors who are less competent than you are -- I want you to know that right now for a short period of time there is a window of opportunity for you to become an online coach that works strictly from home... And it will not cost you a few thousand dollars either, because for a limited time 100 lucky participants will only need to pay $97 a month to get started.

Hi, I am S. A. Williams,

I have had many businesses since the late 80’s, and started my first online business in the early 90’s. As you can imagine some were successful and some were not. But through it all there were lessons I learned along the way that ensured successes in different areas as I went along.

Through all the years of trial and error I have finally figured out all the angles that makes for a successful business. Now, I am ready to kick off my coaching enterprise to teach what I know. It has been in the works for 4 years now and all that is needed to make it a stellar endeavor has fallen into place. The only thing that is missing are the participants.

Me and my team are seeking 100 participants, one from each of the 100 industries/professions/job titles listed below.

Please fill out the application to see if we are a good fit for each other.

You are a good candidate if you have several years experience in a particular field, are somewhat web savvy, desire to start an online partnership or solo coaching business, and are willing to put in 5 - 10 hours of work each week for the next year to get your new business off the ground.

You will get $997 worth of coaching for $97 per month for the first 4 months, then it increases by $100 each month until it gets to a maximum of $997 per month. Do not worry, if you do not like what is being taught then you may cancel at any time, but please be clear that there is no refund of any kind for lessons that have already been taught, released or accessed.

This varied/ascending fee is because I believe that in the beginning while you are learning you should not be worried about your associated expenses. As you learn more and are able to apply it then it makes sense to pay more as you profit more from what I will be teaching you.

If all that is said above appeals to you, then please go ahead and fill out the application.

Thanks for your time and have a marvelous day,

S. A. Williams



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