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The Shaping, Book 1: Satan's Saga

The Shaping, Book 1: Satan’s Saga tells the story of a mythological sky-god who wins a battle against an insurgency while creating a new race. The leader of the rebellion returns from his dark prison to take vengeance on this new creation. Initially compiled from various sources under the reign of King Ælfræd, who ruled Anglo-Saxon England from 871-899, the poem appears in the mid tenth century Junius Manuscript, in the language scholars call Old English. The poem mashes up the Bible, an Old Saxon poem, and Old English poetic style. This poetic-prose rendering attempts to capture the style and rhythm of Old English, and also presents the poem visually in an unusually archaic format, giving the reader an experience analogous to encountering a medieval manuscript.

Douglas Ryan VanBenthuysen
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