Wordpress Ultimate Traning Guide

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WP Training Kit Features & Benefits

WP Training Kit comes with numerous features and benefits that make it easier for you to understand and able to create your own WordPress website successfully within a short period of time.

These are the Step-by-step HD Tutorial Videos that are package in WP Training Kit.

· How to buy a domain name?

· How to buy hosting?

· How to perform site redirection?

· How to change your nameserver?

· cPanel Introduction

· Creating an email account from cPanel

· Installing WordPress Manually

· Installing WordPress in cPanel

· Blog Post Creating With New WordPress Editor

· Creating And Editing Content With WordPress Classic Editor

· WordPress Dashboard -Overview

· Adding Categories and Tags in your

· posts?

· Adding Media to the WordPress Library

· and into Your Posts

· Adding New Pages and Edit the Existing

· Pages in WordPress

· Editing and Delete Comments in WordPress

· Searching And Insert WordPress Themes

· How to Customize Themes in WordPress?

· How to Use WordPress Theme Editor?

· How to Use WordPress Plug-ins?

· Setting Up Menus in WordPress?

· Editing And Setting Widgets in WordPress?

· Creating And Editing User’s Profile in WordPress

· How to use WordPress Tools?

· WordPress Settings

· Creating a Contact Form in WordPress avatar in WordPress?

· Adding Videos and Images to Your Blog

· Posts

· Static Pages

· Favicon

· Google Analytics Installation