Member Resources

Facts and Questions about Worcester Street Community Garden

  1. I’m interested in learning more about the Worcester Street Community Garden and/or adding my name to the waitlist for a garden plot. Where can I get more information?

While we work on our website, please contact our leadership team at for more information! You may fill out a Membership Application, here.

  1. Am I eligible for a plot at the WSCG?

All Boston residents are eligible for a plot at the garden. Per our Rules and Regulations, WSCG does not discriminate against a persons race, religion, gender, age, income level, sexual orientation or gender representation.

  1. Can my pet join me in the garden?

No pets are allowed in the gardens, however Service Animals are allowed. Please beware that there are several plants and fertilizers used in the gardens which are toxic to animals.

  1. What tools should I have on hand and where should I keep them? Will I be able to borrow WSGS tools?

There is a general rule that you shouldn’t leave anything in your garden that you won’t be upset about losing. The gardens are in a public space, and we do have instances of theft and vandalism. We recommend that you either lock up your tools or hide them out of sight. Some gardeners who live nearby take tools back and forth from home. The communal shed inside the garden houses basic tools for you to borrow. Please take care of them and return when finished using!

  1. Where can I purchase plants and garden tools?

Mahoney’s Garden Center (Brighton, Concord, and Winchester)

Allandale Farm (Brookline)

Pemberton Farms Marketplace (Cambridge)

ReVision Urban Farm (Dorchester)

Copley Square Farmers Market (Copley Square)

Kane’s Flower World (Danvers)

Russel’s Garden Center (Wayland)

Weston Nurseries (Hopkinton, Chelmsford, and Hingham)

Economy Hardware (Fenway and Audubon Circle)

Gardener’s Supply Company (online)

Home Depot (South Bay)

Star Market (Boylston Street in the Fenway)

Whole Foods (Symphony)

  1. Where should I look to source seed packets and plants?

Annie’s Annuals and Perennials

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Botanical Interest

Burpee Seeds


Ferry-Morse Seed Company

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Hudson Valley Seed Co.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

New England Seed

Renee’s Garden

Seed Savers Exchange

Seeds from Italy

Territorial Seed

Wild Boar Farms

  1. When does the water get turned on and off in the Garden?

Water will be turned on by the Annual Spring meeting each year. This year the meeting is Saturday, April 30.

  1. Are there restrictions as to what I can plant? Where can I learn more about what is permissible in my garden?

Plantings should not compromise the safety of the Garden by the nature of their height, material or density. Please be considerate of your neighbors, particularly with respect to shade cast by your plants. No trees or invasive's such as mint may be planted in the garden. If you are looking to grow an invasive such as mint, please place in in a pot or container within your plot.

  1. Is access to my garden restricted after the growing season and over the winter?

You may be in your garden during all seasons. Please note that per the our Membership Guidelines, Spring & Fall clean-up is mandatory.

  1. I’m interested in taking a bigger role with the organization. What’s available for me to do and who should I contact to get started?

First off, thank you for donating your time to our community! No matter the volunteer time that you have to offer, there’s a project or role for you. Please contact our current leadership at for info on available roles.

  1. What do I do if I decide to give up my garden plot?

Please email the garden coordinator at If a Gardener wishes to give up their plot after paying this year's dues, refunds will be provided to the Gardener until May 31st. No refunds will be issued on or after June 1st

  1. I am not receiving updates as a member of the garden. How do I become notified of events & announcements?

Please contact our leadership team at with your updated information as well as plot number. We also try to maintain our Instagram (@worcesterstgarden) with announcements as well.

  1. What if I have other questions that weren’t answered in this FAQ?

Please contact our leadership team at for more information!