Meet our Members!

Who would The Worcester Street Community Garden be without our members? Nothing. Read about a few of our members below that make our community beautiful.

Meet Maggie Fitzgerald!

Maggie Fitzgerald has been a member of Worcester Street Garden for two years now. As the chair of our communications department, Maggie works to manage the garden's social media accounts, membership communications and in-garden bulletin board.

Outside of the garden, Maggie works is a Sales Engineer at a cyber security company in Boston. When she is not working in the office or at the garden, Maggie spends significant time traveling and exploring our National Parks!

If you see Maggie in the garden, make sure to say hi and tell her about your journey at Worcester Street Garden!

Meet Lillian (Lilly) Sanders!

Lilly Sanders is one of our beloved Worcester Street Community Garden Members.

Lilly began gardening in on Worcester Street in the 1970's. She fondly remembers a time when the garden was to be transformed into industrial buildings. Instead, she remarked "a beautiful garden for our community was chosen."

Not only does Lilly tend to her own gardens, but she also takes the time to tend to the pathways and neighboring plots that need a little love.

Next time you see Lilly in the garden, thank her for all of the contributions she has made not only to our garden but for the entire South End Community.

Meet Cecilia & Hunni

Two of our newest members of the Worcester Street Community Garden hard at work on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We love seeing our community (and garden) grow!

Welcome to Worcester Street Cecilia and Hunni!

Meet Bill Lisowski!

Bill just returned from Costa Rica and is excited to get gardening this week! He is excited each season to try new plants to experiment with in his plot. In 2020, Bill tried snap peas and decided that he will most definitely be planting them again!

If you see Bill around, make sure to say hello. He is a joyful member of our community.