What to Bring

WHAT TO BRING: Linens are not provided, so campers should bring towels, washcloths, bed linens (mattresses are extra long so flat sheets might work best), a blanket, a pillow, soap, and other toiletries. Campers may also wish to bring a camera, sunscreen, rain gear, and a jacket. Please label all personal belongings, including your instrument!

EQUIPMENT: Campers will need a folding music stand (labeled with name and address on all parts, of course) for sectional rehearsals. Percussionists must bring their own sticks and mallets. In addition, percussionist should bring a drum practice pad if they have one. Please be certain that you bring extra reeds, valve oil, and other necessary accessories and check to be sure that your instrument (also labeled with name and address) is in excellent playing condition! It is considerably less expensive to have repairs done at home than in an emergency situation at camp. While the campus is safe, secure and instruments will be in locked rooms during times when there are no rehearsals, we recommend that you check to be sure that the instrument is insured.

CLOTHING: Informal clothing that follows school dress code policy is appropriate for daily activities. For the final concert, campers should wear a performance appropriate outfit. Examples of this include slacks with a dress shirt and tie, a suit, skirts that are below knee length, blouses, or a dress.