Housing Information

We realize the importance of roommate selection to the students who attend the Wooster Music Camp and are committed to honoring as many requests as possible. When making roommate requests, please keep the following issues in mind.

  • It is the mission of the Wooster Music Camp to provide participants with the opportunity to continue their musical learning, to interact with other student musicians, to have new learning experiences with different teachers, and to enjoy social and recreational time together. The schedule is full and enriching, which allows for little time in the dormitories. All participants are encouraged to understand that, while important, housing is not vital to a successful experience at the Wooster Music Camp. The experienced staff combined with the fulfilling schedule will ensure that each camper has the opportunity to experience musical and social success.
  • Roommate requests are considered when they are made in writing by all parties involved via the online registration form, a physical registration form, or email.
  • These requests will be honored in the order in which they are received and to the extent possible.
  • Specific housing is not assigned until approximately one week prior to camp.
  • No housing information will be made available to campers and their families until the registration period on July 8 beginning at 1:00 p.m.
  • Changing roommate requests after applications have been submitted is acceptable if the request is submitted in writing via email or regular mail, received no later than June 1, and confirmed by all parties involved.
  • In rare cases where the requests can not be met, the campers will be placed in rooms that are in close proximity.