Woodcote Olympics 2012

In aid of Leukaemia Research and Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Our Woodcote Olympic Team 2012 were absolutely brilliant

Amount raised £4,800

During the summer we held our own Olympic 2012 event. All the entrants were just as enthusiastic as those in London.

But, not content with just giving their all to the competition, they also managed to raise money at the same time, so far £4,800.

The swimmers had 2012 seconds(33mins 32secs)to swim as far as they could.

Some were swimming in teams and some as individuals, some of the top swimmers aiming to try and swim 65 lengths in 2012 secs.

Swimmers taking part were members of Woodcote Swimming Club, Aquafit and Lane Swimming groups.

Our Olympic Team were brilliant. They ploughed up and down the lengths,most of them nonstop,until the final whistle went.

Everyone tackled their challenge with great enthusiasm,all swimming much further than they ever expected in the 2012 seconds. Many of those top swimmers passing the 65 length mark, a few managing 70 lengths or more.

The Jones/Hogan Team; Ellie Jones, Jessica Hogan, Annabel Clark, Harry Hogan, Harvey Jones, Sam Taylor and Megan Hill managed to swim 422 lengths between them which was a tremendous effort.

They were closely followed by the Potter Team; Imogen Potter, Caroline Harwin, Elizabeth van der Veen, Chris Potter and Will Booker who had a smaller team but managed 322 lengths, well done guys.

The youngest swimmer was Charlotte Griffiths just 6yrs, swimming 13 lengths with rests, closely followed by Rhian Hayes and Phoebe Kerry also 6yrs swimming 10 lengths each.

The Total Lengths Swum by our Olympic Team was 3,238 lengths.

Our original aim to swim a total of 2012 lengths was completely smashed!

The George Marsh Trophy for special achievement this year goes to the Jones/Hogan Team who not only managed the furthest distance, but also managed to raise an incredible £382.12 between them.

Other top fundraisers were:

The Hickling Team, Clifford Zyms Team, The Determined Bolts, Linda Burton and Chris Chant, all of whom managed to raise over £200 each! Many thanks for putting so much effort into your fundraising.

Congratulations and many thanks go to everyone who took part in the Woodcote Olympics 2012. Thanks also to parents counting the lengths and all the Grandparents, relations and friends who sponsored them so generously.

You were all amazing.

Photographs of the Woodcote Olympics are on the Members Gallery

Many thanks to all the Olympians!!

Carole Griffiths

Swim a Mountain 2008

In aid of Leukaemia Research and Thames Valley Air Ambulance

They reached their Summit and raised £4,738

As usual Woodcote, Goring, Streatley and surrounding villages, have joined in with great enthusiasm and generosity, bringing the

Swim a Mountain 2008 total to £4,738

The swimmers had to choose a Mountain and swim the equivalent amount of metres as the height of their Mountain.

Swimmers taking part were members of Woodcote Swimming Club, Aquafit, Lane Swimming groups and swimmers from Castrol.

The most popular Mountain was Ben Nevis (59 lengths) and many brave teams tackled Everest (385 lengths).

Everyone tackled their Mountain with great enthusiasm, all managing to reach their summit and most swimming much further than they ever expected. The youngest children in particular were amazing.

The youngest swimmer was Lois Joslyn aged 5yrs who swam the Eiffel Tower (16 lengths); the oldest swimmer, a very youthful Arthur Goldsmith, easily conquering Ben Nevis.

One team of children from Woodcote Swimming Club; Ellie Jones, Sophia Forrester, Annabel Clark, Jessica Hogan, Jonathan Hall, Megan Hill, Katie and Emily Cole, managed to conquer Everest and then went on to swim Mount Cook as well, a total of 550 lengths.

Other teams of children managing to conquer Everest were:

Olivia Hurrell's team and the Daltons/Backs/Forrester and Goode team.

One Adult team also conquered Everest, they were the Three Turners and a Welshman. The Turner family have supported our sponsored events on many occasions, Julie swam in the first sponsored swim in 1988.

The Castrol team have also been enthusiastic supporters of our events. This time they conquered an amazing range of Mountains, swimming 1,176 lengths between them. Brian Burscough, one of their swimmers and also a teacher for Woodcote Swimming Club, swam the furthest, 270 lengths in 2hrs 14 minutes.

Special thanks go to Rhiannon Evans who swam Snowdon and raised £653. Well done Rhiannon, an amazing effort.

The George Marsh Trophy for special achievement this year went to our youngest swimmer Lois Joslyn, well done Lois.

Congratulations and many thanks go to everyone who took part in

Swim a Mountain 2008, those counting the lengths and everyone who sponsored them so generously. You were amazing.

Photographs of Swim a Mountain are in the Members Gallery.


20 year History of these Events

For those of you that haven't been in the area very long, I thought you might be interested in the history of this event.

I organised the first Sponsored Swim in 1988 in aid of Leukaemia Research when my Father, George Marsh, was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Dad managed to swim in that event himself and the following one, two years later. His grandsons Paul and Neil Griffiths swam with him in that first event and now twenty years later his great grandchildren, Georgina and Lewis Griffiths swam in his memory. They managed to swim 70 lengths between them raising £23l.

Since that first event we have held the sponsored swims every three or four years, including a few Aerobic Workout events along the way. We have swum the equivalent of the Channel many times (22miles), swam 2000 in 2000 and covered lots of Mountain ranges. During that time you have managed to raise a staggering total of£35,000. Money raised from these events has gone in the past to: Leukaemia Research, Thames Valley Air Ambulance, Goring and Woodcote Health Centres and the Community Centre Project.

Many thanks to all of you that have supported these events over the years.

Carole Griffiths

The Original Team of 1988