Cornerstone Women's Retreat 2018

Friday, 3/9 (6pm) - Saturday, 3/10 (8pm)

Cornerstone is designed to offer you the opportunity to step back or out of your daily life, or to retreat.

"Why would you want to do this? Honestly, I have found that every response is slightly different yet it holds those precious “I can relate” moments, that many agree on. There is a reason why it's called Cornerstone and for some, it provides an opportunity to take a look at how and what their foundation is built upon and with whom. Essentially, what their Cornerstone is and where they find strength and stability. Others step back and take a look at the many journeys they are on everyday.... with family, friends, their careers, and their spirituality.

Perspective, understanding, community, exploration where you are in your spiritual journey and good food are just some of the things that can be found at Cornerstone! As well as time to reflect on where life has been and where it's headed. It can also be a place where faith can be both found and strengthened.

Cornerstone is not a one size fits all experience. Just like our God is not a one size fits all God. We are unique, therefore our experience will be as such!"

- Bonnie Caliento, Cornerstone Ministry Leader