Our Team

Amanda Irizarry

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda is an Associate Financial Analyst at Google from New York City. She is a proud DominiRican - her family is from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Amanda graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Societies. She is passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition, and she wants to work towards closing the gap in access to quality, culturally-competent healthcare, particularly for communities of color.

Amanda is excited to play a role in bringing communities together through event planning and is thrilled to have a chance to empower women and genderqueer folks in the tech industry and beyond.

Clarissa Bukhan


Clarissa is a Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google. Prior to Google, she was an early member of the business development teams at Box and Optimizely. After experiencing gender discrimination early in her career, she became passionate about advancing the role of women in technology through education and storytelling.

Prior to becoming Editor-in-Chief at Women of Silicon Valley, she served as a committee member of the Box Women’s Network and as a mentor to female high school entrepreneurs through BUILD.org.

Outside of work, she can often be found reading, traveling, chasing around her two young kids, or sometimes trying to do all three at once.

Elizabeth Smith

Head, European Engagement

Elizabeth is a graduate Computer Science student at the University of Oxford.

Hailing from Washington, she moved to California in 2014 to attend Santa Clara University and intern as a software engineer at Facebook, Google, and CrowdStrike. Elizabeth enjoys playing the harp, snuggling with yellow labs, drinking coffee, and going on meditation runs.

Women of Silicon Valley provides her with a support network as she continues to heal from her own experiences of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Through her role, Elizabeth looks forward to giving back to this community and empowering other women facing similar challenges.

Jessica Webb

Head of Events

Jess is an Executive Summit Manager for Google’s Partner Plex. She has over seven years of experience in the event planning arena and coordinates logistics for an average of 200 events per year.

Born and raised in Brazil, Jess is a first-generation college student and proud member of the LGBT* community.

Event planning is Jess's way to create opportunities for diverse communities to have the platform and safe environment to share ideas, create strong networks, and execute progressive change.

Jess spends her time outside of work playing competitive European Team Handball, going to the beach with her beagle Dash, and traveling with her girlfriend.

Jourdan Dorrell

Head of Social Media

Jourdan is an Associate Account Strategist at Google from Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Northwestern University in March 2017 with a degree in Sociology as a Posse Scholar.

She is the daughter of a Black father and Thai mother, and one of three daughters! As a first-generation college student, she wants to use the opportunities she’s been given to help other people from marginalized backgrounds reach their own goals.

Jourdan is passionate about diversity and inclusion, education, self-care, and enjoys going to concerts, playing with her puppy Peanut, enjoying good food and wine, and traveling to new places!

Kendrick Umstattd


Kendrick is a Software Engineering Intern on the Earth Engine Team in Mountain View. She is excited to be back for her second summer at Google. Last summer, she was an Engineering Practicum Intern in Kirkland, Washington, on the CloudML EngProd team.

This fall, Kendrick will be starting her senior year at Yale University as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. When Kendrick is not busy writing code in TypeScript or Python, she can be found travelling to San Francisco and Paris; trying out new coffee shops; and searching for a new favorite book or podcast to enjoy.

Lea Coligado

Founder, Webmaster

Lea is a software engineer at Google on Local Search and Maps from Dallas, Texas. She started Women of Silicon Valley in January of 2015, when she was a junior at Stanford studying Computer Science.

As a Vietnamese-Filipina-American, she cares deeply about culturally, financially, and legislatively elevating migrant workers from Southeast Asia and all other nations rendered "developing" / "third-world" due to forceful colonization by the West.

She enjoys petting dogs, walking dogs, and Skyping her dogs back home, Snickers and Ollie.

Marianne Abreu

Head of Design

Marianne is a Lead UX Designer for YouTube with almost 15 years of experience creating products and online experiences. Previously she worked for Samsung and startups in Silicon Valley and New York.

Originally from Brazil, she worked at Globo, the largest TV network in Latin America, and for organizations like Purpose and Avaaz to create “MeuRio” – a mobilization group that seeks for more transparency in politics.

On the side, she has been involved in numerous art projects and exhibitions – from painting to interactive installations and creative code. Marianne holds a master degree in Strategic Design and Management from the Parsons School of Design and a bachelor degree in Industrial Design and Visual Design from the University of Brasilia.

Raquel Small

Head of Community

Raquel is a Paralegal at Google on the Litigation team as well as a part-time graduate student pursuing a Master of Communication Management at the University of Southern California.

Originally from the NYC area, she is the child of a proud Jamaican mother and a Panamanian father, and she believes empowering women and people of color is the only way to make society better.

In her very limited free time, she likes to bake, try new restaurants, and exercise because of all the baking and dismantling of the patriarchy. She currently lives in San Francisco with her husband Eric and her cat Foxy Cleopatra.

Stephany Yong

Head of Marketing

Stephany is a Product Manager at Facebook, where she builds monetization experiences that help fund video content.

The proud daughter of two immigrant engineers, she cares deeply about creating equal access to educational resources (especially in STEM) and celebrating the stories of strong, inspiring women.

After graduating from Stanford in 2016, Stephany moved to San Francisco, where she spends her free time exploring the city's food scene, hiking around the Bay Area, and rooting for her hometown LA Lakers.

Tamar Nisbett

Head of Operations

Tamar (pronounced like "lion tamer") is a content strategist at YouTube. As a student at Columbia University, she discovered her passion for literature written by folks in the African diaspora, particularly women. As such, Tamar finds different ways to empower women, whether playing in female basketball tournaments or heading operations for Women of Silicon Valley.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Tamar has also lived in New Hampshire, Manhattan, and Paris, and is currently enjoying eating her way around the Bay before she returns to the east coast.