"In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Women of Silicon Valley asked Native folks of all genders in STEM to share their stories with our followers, and 18 scientists, technologists, and educators obliged. These 18 people have submitted narratives of embracing their Indigenous identity, of decolonizing the whitewashed miseducation and misappropriation of Indigenous culture and histories, and of courageously striving to elevate both themselves and their communities within systems that have historically contributed to their erasure.

As feature Johnnie Jae puts it,

“Native American Heritage Month is a bittersweet time for many of us; one month just isn’t enough time to make the progress we want to make.”

So today and everyday, we seek to elevate and re-affirm Native voices. We’re deeply honored to share these eighteen.

"It’s July and Silicon Valley is abuzz with college students from around the world, who are getting their first glimpse of what it is like to work in the tech industry.

This summer, Women of Silicon Valley will be sharing a series of profiles on interns from across the tech landscape. Through these profiles, we hope to share some insight into the intern experience — from their hopes and aspirations, to their challenges and fears, to the amazing work that they are doing or have done to get to this point.

As a first installment in the “Interns of Silicon Valley” series, we met with undergraduate interns at the Google Women in Engineering (GWE) Summit in Mountain View. The event was Google’s fifth annual summit of its kind, focused on the development and celebration of the community of women in tech at Google. Here are a few of the women that we met..."

"Hispanic culture is a rich and vital part of American society and one that we celebrate each year with Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month spans from September 15th through October 15th, giving us an opportunity to honor the history and contributions of the Latin@ community.

Although 17% of the US population identifies as Hispanic, Latin@s make up just 3% of the workforce in tech.

In spite of being staggeringly underrepresented, women from the Hispanic community are making incredibly impactful contributions to the tech industry. Last week, Women of Silicon Valley joined Latinas in Tech, a non-profit organization with the mission to connect, support and empower Latina women working in technology, at their annual Latinas in Tech Summit. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re sharing stories from some of the amazing members of their community."

"The community of female founders is relatively small,

with women making up just 17% of startup founders today.

To ensure the growth and success of this community, it is critically important to come together to learn from each other and support one another through the unique challenges that face women entrepreneurs. With this goal in mind, last week Google Launchpad held its first ever women’s conference, the Launchpad Female Founder’s Summit, in San Francisco.

The event brought together an inspiring group of women, each in varying stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. The Women of Silicon Valley team was there to capture and share their stories, challenges, and motivations. Here are a few of the founders that we met."