Women in Geospatial+ Mentorship Programme

Women in Geospatial+ is launching a career mentorship programme to bring people together who want to grow and develop professional skills for a geospatial career. Two mentorship models are planned. First, Peer Mentorship Groups of up to 3 people and second, Mentor and Mentee Pairs.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and genders to participate in our mentorship programme. All who identify as women or are from underrepresented genders are welcome to apply to be peer mentors, mentors or mentees. This includes cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people and those who are otherwise marginalized. All who identify as cis men are welcome to apply to be peer mentors or mentors.

How to apply

In the application, mentors and mentees can state their areas of expertise and also the skills or knowledge that they wish to develop. We will then group people together based on these preferences and interests. Applicants will be selected based on their level of interest and commitment as demonstrated in their applications.

For the first round of the programme, we aim to support up to 10 peer mentor groups or mentorship pairs.

The application is due on 30 September 2019.

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29 August 2019 Applications open

30 September 2019 Applications close

7 October 2019 Mentorship matches announced

October to July 2020 Mentorship programme underway

15 July 2020 Mentorship programme ends


Please contact us if you have any questions about the process or programme.