The March/April 2014 issue of the Arizona Wildlife Views magazine contained a special issue devoted entirely to the Mexican wolf. In conjunction, we put together a number of wolf education resources that may be valuable in your classroom. All of the resources below can be downloaded or accessed for free, including select articles from the magazine.


A collection of resources to help you basic wolf biology and natural history.


A number of resources that will give you detailed information about the history of the wolf reintroduction program in Arizona.


PDF copies of the articles that appeared in the March/April 2014 special edition of the Arizona Wildlife Views magazine that was devoted entirely to Mexican wolves.


A collection of other interesting wolf articles and readings.


The Department has produced a number of video segments as part of its Arizona Wildlife Views television program. Additional videos not featured on the TV show are also included. The links below take you directly to the YouTube pages for each of these videos.


A collated collection of the various wolf educational resources developed the Arizona Game and Fish Department and placed into one area.

  • I'm a Wolf Biologist - A high school lesson in which students learn about the life of a wolf biologist and evaluate location data.
  • Perspectives in Wolf Conservation - A high school lesson in which students read a couple article to better understand the various perspectives that must be considered when managing wolves.
  • Poster - This poster was developed a number of years ago. Although it is no longer in print, we have provided a PDF version for download.
  • Prey Consumption Model - An interactive Excel file to help determine how much prey a wolf population needs. This was a draft that was never fully implemented in the classroom. However, it may still be useful.
  • Wild Kids - A older set of activity pages focused on Arizona's canine species.
  • Workshop Highlights - The Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Phoenix Zoo hosted a teacher workshop all about wolves in Arizona. This is a short video clip about that workshop.


A number of wolf education activities that we have collected from other organizations.

  • Crossword - A simple crossword worksheet with various wolf facts.
  • Getting to Know the Wolf - an older activity guide put together by the National Park Service
  • Gray Wolves, Gary Matter - The International Wolf Center has created a large curriculum focused on wolves. Activities cover a number of subjects including science and social studies. The curriculum is available as a free download. We have also included links to a few activities that we use in our workshops.
  • Mexican Wolf Education Packet- an older activity guide provided by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  • Online Courses - The International Wolf Center has some online courses that are available to students.
  • Origami Wolf - Directions to make a wolf out of folded paper.
  • Paper Wolf Model - An opportunity for students to create a small 3-dimensional model of a wolf.
  • Role Play - In this activity, students take on the roles of various stakeholders in a community to decide if a wolf reintroduction should take place. The activity includes all of the role play cards to help students understand their role better.
  • Territory Activities - The Science Museum of Minnesota has developed a number of lessons that explore wolves and their territory. We have provided links to download three of these activities.
  • Track/Hand Comparison - A worksheet that allows students to compare the size and structure of their hand to that of a wolf paw.
  • Wolf Haven Guide - A collection of activities and resources provided by Wolf Haven International
  • Wolf Quest Game - This downloadable game can help students understand wolves.
  • Word Search - A word search with some common wolf vocabulary.