Wolf N Rabbit LLC

About Us

Wolf N Rabbit Ranch - located in Larkspur, Colorado

Our Honey

Our Honey is local produced raw honey, and our hives are located in Castle Rock, Larkspur and Parker, Colorado. Raw honey is not processed and ultra filtered like many commercial honeys, nor is it heated to high temperatures which destroy enzymes and flavors. Our honey contains all the live enzymes, pollen, propolis and floral essences that our honeybees put into it. Our bees determine the color, flavor, and texture of our honey by their selections of which local wildflowers and herbs they forage.

Our Beef

SOLD - Processing scheduled for April 2024 

Our cattle free range native grasslands on the front range of the Rocky Mountains and are supplemented through grass feeding and grain. They are also hormone and antibiotic free.  They spend their entire lives on pasture. We recognize the importance of knowing where your food comes from and we strive to bring you the same dependable, homegrown beef that we feed our family.We offer our ranch raised beef in whole, half and quarter beef sizes for pick-up in Colorado. 


Our Eggs

Our eggs are local, farm-fresh eggs. We raise our chickens with a healthy and safe environment. Our girls roam free through the day and go to their coop at night and to lay eggs. We never give them antibiotics, other drugs, or GMOs.