Stop & Shop Gift Card Fundraiser

Stop & Shop shoppers can help our school raise $$!

Simply sign up to purchase Stop & Shop gift cards from the Wolcott PTO and you will be giving the school 5% of the gift card purchase price at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.

Gift cards can be used for purchases at Stop & Shop grocery stores or gas stations.

This is our main fundraiser which supports great events like the Haunted Forest, Movie Night, School Fair, and Family Game Night. It also will help the PTO to earn money to fund various scholarships for students, provide teacher and department grants, welcome back luncheons, and much more…

How it works: We distribute gift cards approximately every two weeks in brightly colored, self-addressed stamped envelopes sent home in your youngest child’s class folder. When the envelope comes home simply write a check for the amount of the gift cards inside, put the check into the envelope, and return it to the school (in child's folder, drop it in the office or in the mail).

It is that simple.

Ready to help Wolcott earn $?

You Raised More Than $3,000 For Wolcott Last Year !

Wolcott Keeps $5 For Every $100 Gift Card You Purchase Through The PTO


What is the Stop & Shop Fundraiser?

This is our main fundraiser for the Wolcott PTO. We sell Stop & Shop gift cards to families at face value, and Stop & Shop lets the PTO keep 5% of what we bring in. So, for example, if you buy a $100 Stop & Shop gift card from us, then we pay $95 of that to Stop & Shop and keep $5 for the PTO.

How does the program work?

You sign up to receive a Stop & Shop card in a designated amount every two weeks. Stop & Shop cards are delivered in your child’s school folder via teachers. The cards come in a pre-addressed and stamped envelope. You take the card out and put it in your wallet to use on your next trip to Stop & Shop, and then write a check to the Wolcott PTO for the card amount, put it into the envelope, and mail the envelope back to us.

How much money does this program raise and what does it pay for?

In 2013-2014, the Wolcott PTO raised about $9,000 by selling Stop & Shop cards. This is the PTO’s main fundraiser. Its success means that we don’t have to ask kids to sell stuff, and that families can raise funds for Wolcott without spending any money beyond what they are already spending on buying groceries and gas at Stop & Shop. The PTO uses the funds raised to underwrite the many PTO programs throughout the year, buy equipment for the school (we have paid for new rugs, smartboards and other technology, and more), provide scholarships for the 5th grade Colebrook and other school trips, and more. During the year, we buy extra Stop & Shop cards and give them to all teachers and instructional staff, so they can buy supplies for their classroom without using their own money.

What card amounts are available?

The minimum card amount that you can buy every two weeks is $50, and amounts go up from there in $50 increments ($100, $150, $200, etc.).

What can I buy with the Stop & Shop card?

You can use your Stop & Shop cards for groceries and gas.

I worry about my child being responsible for bringing the Stop & Shop card home. Isn’t this risky?

We have a track record of cards safely getting from school to home. Teachers in the youngest grades usually put the envelopes into student folders themselves, while teachers in the older grades instruct students to put the envelopes into their folder or backpack immediately after they receive them. If you have several kids at Wolcott, you can let us know which child is the most reliable messenger! But we rarely have problems with card loss. You will get an email when cards have been distributed to teachers, so that you know to look for the card to come home. If you don’t get your card within a few days, let us know so we can track it down. In the rare instance that a card is truly lost, you will not be responsible for paying for it.

How do I pay for the cards? Can I pay for several cards at once?

Write a check, payable to the Wolcott PTO, for the card amount, and mail it back to us in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope in which you receive your card. If you would rather write one check a month instead of two, you may send in a check after every other card distribution to cover two cards. However, any time that you have two unpaid cards, we will stop sending you new cards until you are up to date on payments.

Can I pay by credit card or by online payment through my bank?

We cannot accept credit card payments. If you want to pay via your bank’s online bill payment function, please contact us first so we can give you instructions about how to label and address your payment.

If I do participate in the biweekly distribution, can I occasionally buy extra cards?

As the holidays and summer vacation approach, we will invite participating families to purchase extra cards if they wish. Extra cards always have to be pre-paid. You can also request extra cards at any other time.

I don’t shop regularly at Stop & Shop. Can you add other store cards to the program?

In 2013, we did a lot of research, including a survey of Wolcott families and looking at other store programs, to consider whether to sell cards from other retailers. We determined that featuring Stop & Shop cards is the most effective way to raise PTO funds. Stop & Shop’s terms are more generous than any other retailer (they let us keep 5% of what we sell, while other stores offer 2-4%) and more flexible (unlike other stores, Stop & Shop doesn’t require us to buy a minimum amount per month or have other limitations). Focusing on Stop & Shop cards also allows us to have a streamlined distribution process that is manageable for program volunteers.

I have relatives who shop at Stop and Shop. Can they participate in the program too?

Yes, we welcome grandparents, neighbors, or others who would like to support the Wolcott PTO by signing up for our biweekly Stop & Shop card distribution. Contact us to work out details. Some families order extra cards for relatives and work out the finances on their own (for example, the family pays Wolcott for everyone’s cards, and then has their relatives pay them back for the cards they use). We can also arrange to mail cards to relatives and receive payment from them directly.