Located at 176 Woolwich Street. It is a 9 minute drive from the Hotel and a 5 minute drive from the theatre.

Perhaps the Wooly concept is best represented by renowned Canadian artist Charlie Pachter’s "Queen on a Moose” paintings. These pictures conveyed what would happen if a British pub was transferred to Canada. That pub would feature local foods, beverages and decor. It would be an "All-Canadian” pub featuring the best of the British pub culture. A "local” or home-base pub for its guests.

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Located at 1388 Gordon Street, Borealis is a 9 minute drive from the theatre and a 7 minute drive from the Hotel.

"Simply, we are committed to serving the very best of locally crafted, natural foods and beverages at everyday prices. We bring the highest quality of fresh products from Ontario farmers, breweries and wineries to our guests each and every day. Combined with a deep respect for local heritage and craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication for sustainability, our restaurants represent the embodiment of our philosophy as it took form in the late sixties."

Bob Desautels, Founder of the Neighbourhood Group of Companies

Located at 37 Quebec St, Miijidaa restaurant is a 9 minute drive from the hotel and a 4 minute drive from the theatre.

There are many influences in what has come to define Canadian cuisine. Starting with the First Nations, followed by the influences of the French, English, there are many ideas and traditions that have motivated us to create something special. In a way, we’ve gone ‘back to the future’ – our menu is a very modern take on, and mélange of, our northern gastronomic history. We’ve even given a nod to the Vikings and the Portuguese who visited our shores before the early explorers. And, to be clear, we consider no cuisine superior to the other… each is equally inspirational.

Located at 294 Woolwich Street, Park Grocery is a 5 minute drive from the theatre and a 9 minute drive from the hotel.

Park Grocery Deli & Bar, Guelph's newest restaurant creation is a neighbourhood deli, bar and small grocery offering piri piri roasted chicken, smoked meat sandwiches, salads and soups all made from scratch, the way they used to be.

The bar offers a quaint but beautiful selection of local beers, ciders and wines and is home to a barista driven cafe program showcasing organic fair-trade coffee & teas alongside artisan sodas and milkshakes.

With an eye to a sustainable future, Park Grocery will be Carbon Neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets. In addition, Park Grocery will support a Living Wage and offer Health Benefits to all full-time employees.