Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie, also known as ‘Cherry Kush’, is a popular and influential indica dominant cross. It is a hybrid between Durban Poison (Sativa) and Grandaddy Purple (Indica) and provides smokers with the best characteristics of both parent strains - making it a staple in dispensaries nationwide. Based on a study conducted by the Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360, Cherry Pie flower has moderate levels of THC, ringing in at about 20%. The strain consists of 30% Sativa and 70% indica genetics.

Characteristics of Cherry Pie Flowers and Leaves

Cherry Pie has small-to-medium sized flowers, characteristic of other indica strains. The leaves are tightly-curled, densely packed together and have vibrant orange pistils. The leaves are mossy green, but some phenotypes will turn purple, due to the high concentrations of pigments in its genes. Cold temperature will stimulate the color change as it grows. Translucent white trichomes coat the buds, which provide a silver sheen and resinous texture.

Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie Strains Odor and Appearance

Cherry Pie buds have a sweet but slightly sour aroma. The smoke/vapor has hints of berry flavoring, and Cherry Pie Weed Strain has been described as ‘extra dank weed’. To a non-smoker, the pungent smell may be unappealing, but the seasoned cannabis enthusiast will be thrilled with the sharp ‘nose’ of the cherry pie strain.

The Medicinal Effects of Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie has low CBD content (0.04%-0.2%) and moderate THC levels (13%- 23%) making it a great choice for users who want a milder experience.

Antianxiety and Antidepressant Agent

Cherry Pie is often used as an effective alternative to antianxiety and antidepressant medications. Many suffering from conditions involving mental or emotional stress are finding it to be a ‘goto’ strain.

Relieves Pain

The moderate levels of THC assist in treating chronic pain symptoms like fibromyalgia, skin problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and shingles.

Cherry Pie Weed Strain
Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain
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