Welcome to the home of chess in Erie and Niagara Counties in New York State!

(Like there's a Niagara County anywhere else. Still.)

There are nearly a dozen U.S. Chess Federation (USCF)-afilliated clubs in our service area, as well as some non-affiliated clubs. All of them we know of are listed below, linked to any website they currently maintain. If they have no website, clicking on the club's name will open your email application and prefill the "To:" field with to the best known address for that club (usually an officer or an organizer).

If you know of additional clubs, websites, contacts, recipes for bouillabaisse, etc., that belong in this list, click HERE and tell us!

Likewise, long before this website emerged, the WNY Chess Center and an ancestor maintained a calendar of events in our service area. We still do. You can see it at right (or below, if you're on your phone), or in full-glory HERE. (You can also subscribe to it on your desktop or mobile device by clicking HERE.)

Our goal is to bring area chess players together: In fellowship, in competition or even just in cyberspace. Watch this space for our progress toward those goals.

716 Chess Academy*

Amateur Chess Association of WNY*

Father Reddy Chess Club*

Grand Island Chess Club

Pencil Pushers Chess Club*

Southtowns Chess Club*

University at Buffalo Chess Club

*USCF affiliate

Need a quick look-up of a USCF chess rating or membership status? Click HERE.