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  • RADIO: MistaTre is currently an ON-AIR host of Wake-N-Bake America, Executive Producer of Wake-N-Bake America, Sr. News Anchor, Executive Sales Director & Chief Operations Officer for WNBA-KCBR 98.5FM. He has been awarded The Top Sales Man 2016, 2017, 2018.

MistaTre Started in Radio in 2014 as the President of Media Operations and Broadcasting for the Colorado Springs Flames the elite Semi-Pro Football team. In 2014 MistaTre was the #1 College DJ in Colorado Springs at 89.7 KEPC the College Station (PPCC).

In early 2015 MistaTre joined KCBR as the Friday Night Hot Mix Host. With in months he was promoted to the Host of Wake-N-Bake Colorado on KHIGH 1580AM America's first all Pot-Talk FCC Radio Station. Later he would move to the Mid-day assignment and launch 'High Noon with the Doc Mistatre. The Station would not make it on just pot and they closed the project down.

In September of 2015 MistaTre would launch his online radio show 'High Tide Stick' from the beaches of Tampa, FL and for one season and 80 episodes America's 1st Official Joint Jock took pot-talk to Florida. MistaTre was offered an FM On-Air gig in Colorado and would move back for his next project.

In April of 2016 came the launch of MistaTre's 2 owned morning show 'Wake-N-Bake America show' which is about to start its 4th year on April 20th, 2019. The show features one of the only on air/off air couple in America, and they are both home grown Colorado Springs Talent. Each season they find away to impact the community, but nothing they have done was more impact than when they took checks from listeners and their own donations and paid off the past due bills for students lunch accounts at various schools in the Pikes Peak area.

MistaTre once on a show gave a bullied Jr High student who was stabbed for having shoes that where falling apart. MistaTre's while live on air interviewing the student and his parents gave him a pair of $300.00 Limited edition Nike's off his feet and nearly $1,000 gold and diamond watch off his wrist. Many at the Time assumed that MistaTre the show's producer had planned this generous gift but he was quoted as saying: "I was a poor kid, when he told his story on air I did all I could to choke back tears knowing what that was like to have less, have nothing. Then it popped in my head, i may not have a show next week this is a tough business so you may never get a chance to do something like this again. So I told him he could have my shoes and then I just said I'm so sick of this watch you take it. Basically just 'Pimped my ride' the whole kid!" {Laughing}. What MistaTre wouldn't tell you is that he walked out the station and got in his car. What anyone else who was there would tell you is he did, but he did bare foot because he just took action to fix a wrong no matter the cost to him.

  • SPORTS: MistaTre Broadcast as Play-by-play and Analyst for KRDO News & Radio on 105.5FM/AM1040 for the 2014 season when the Flames took games over the Air. Prior in sports MistaTre n 2000 wrote for the La Junta, CO Tribune Democrat Paper as a Sports Writer in between High School and College.
  • OTHER HISTORY: MistaTre has been working on Recording, Music & Production, Sports Broadcasting & Radio for all of his adult life. The Lead producer for Rocky Mountain Kyngz Production studio from 2008-2014 and earning him a reputation for one of the Top freestyle artist, live performers and entertainers in Colorado.