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Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Dr. Won Min Park in the Tim Taylor Department of Chemical Engineering at the Kansas State University. We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists working on protein nanomaterials. Our goal is to solve engineering problems in biological systems at the nanoscale by developing next-generation protein nanomaterials that display novel structural, physical, and biological properties. To achieve it, we strategically harness exciting features of natural or synthetic protein domains into nanomaterial design.

Recent News



  • Dr. Park gives a talk at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando.


  • Dr. Park gives a seminar in the School of Chemical Engineering at the Oklahoma State University.
  • Ratnakshi Mandal joins the lab. Welcome!


  • Dr. Park joins the the Editorial Board of Biomedical Nanotechnology of Frontiers in Nanotechnology.
  • Suna Jo joins the lab. Welcome!