The staggering cost of textbooks is a potential stumbling block to our students' success.

Read on to find ways to save our students money, and, in return, improve student success.

What are OERs?

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are learning materials that are free to use, free to adapt, and free to redistribute. OERs may take the form of textbooks, lesson plans, online learning modules, syllabi, powerpoints, and videos, to name a few. These materials are available at little to no cost, and are published under an open Creative Commons License that allows for you to retain, reuse , revise, remix, then redistribute them for others to do the same.

Faculty, please take a moment to fill out this Faculty OER Survey.

Contact Melissa Laplante for help finding high-quality OERs or library materials for your courses.

Contact Kristen Miller if you are interested in applying for a grant to help fund your efforts in adopting, adapting, and redistributing OERs.

Students, talk to your professors about OERs. Do you have experience using OERs in your courses?

Share your experience here.

OER Robin DeRosa.pdf

Check out the above slideshow about OERs and an exciting partnership between CCSNH and the University System of New Hampshire to help fund adoption, adaptation, and redistribution of OERs into your courses and programs. This slideshow was created by Robin DeRosa, from her presentation at the 2018 CCSNH Summer Symposium, published under a CC BY 4.0 License.