Is WLDisc ON?

Status for April 2020:

No disc while under shelter-at-home advisory.

Updated: 3/31/20, 11:43

If we have 6-10 players, we might play mini depending on the weather. Our mini rules: 3-on-3, 20 x 30 x 10 field, stall count beginning at 6, games to 3 or 5 but no negative points for turnovers, hockey-style subbing.

WLDisc is a pickup ultimate frisbee group that plays Wednesdays and Fridays, 11:40am-1pm, in Tempe. Players of all levels are welcome. While it's a pretty laid-back game, we do play (mostly) by USAU 11th edition rules. Please, bring a white shirt and a dark shirt for teams.

Headcount is taken in advance of the game via an email list, but the status of the game will be updated here on Wednesday & Friday by 10am-ish. If you'd like to be on the email list, email katenab (at)

If you're looking for more info about ultimate in Phoenix area, check out

"House" rules:

  • No brick if the pull goes out the back. Just walk it to the front of the endzone. Reason: The field is a little short. You can call middle if it goes out the side.
  • Also, if it lands in the back of the endzone, walk it to the front. No one likes throwing a Callahan at pickup.
  • "Jennings Rule" – No turnover on a dropped pull, but be prepared to be heckled. Named for player Tim Jennings, a frequent beneficiary of the rule.
  • We don't keep score until 12:35-ish. At that point, someone will call "Game to 3," which is actually more like "Best of 5." If there's still time and willingness, a second game to 3 might be called or at least a "one more point." Often, "one more one more point" is played.

ROYGBIV line - photo courtesy Nicole George