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It is with great sadness that we report the news that Joyce Schmidt passed away on October 6, 2023. Joyce gave so much of herself to this community. She will be sorely missed and will never be forgotten. It was Joyce who first organized the West Jefferson Hill Historical Society in 2000. Over the years since its origin, Joyce served on its board, presented programs for society meetings, wrote articles for and published its newsletter, and acted as its president throughout most of its existence. Without Joyce, our historical society would not exist.

The West Jefferson Hills Historical Society programs include a variety of presentations, field trips, personal stories, and much more. With such a plethora of activities, there is always something fun for members.


The West Jefferson Hills Historical Society website endeavors to further the Society's mission to discover, chronicle, and preserve the history of West Elizabeth, Jefferson Hills, and Pleasant Hills. These three communities, located in the South Hills of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, boast rich and colorful histories.

What sort of discoveries might one make from investigating the history of this area? Artifacts from the "mound builder" tribe who once lived there? Stories of a Virginia county courthouse once located atop a knoll in Jefferson Hills? Tales of the Whiskey Rebellion? A beach located along the Monongahela River? Log cabins, historical cemeteries, one-room schoolhouses, hundred-year-old churches? All of these and more make up the vibrant history of the West Jefferson Hills area.

Take time to explore the WJHHS website. Discover bygone days of the community in Collections. Find the date and location of an engaging lecture on a historical topic in Programs. Look under the Collections tab to find a local historian who may be able to help find that long lost ancestor who once lived in the area. Finding you want more? Becoming a member is easier than ever. Just follow the directions on Membership to find out to join.