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This is a beginner and intermediate-level Korean language online lesson, consisting of 15 lessons with 2 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions and grammars used in everyday life. Each lesson provides dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quiz, homework, and summary materials. Students can use the language actively and develop communication skills.

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I will design a curriculum to match your goals and schedule and guide you through each step . Meet once a day, once a week, or anything in between. Anytime, Anywhere You can take lessons at the time and place that suits you.

Virtual Lesson : Everyone can join a Zoom meeting at a scheduled time.

Pay per Lesson : Every Lesson=$25.00/hr(USD), 10 lessons=$245.00(discount 2%). 20 lessons=$490.00(discount 4%). You can get 100% refund!


(Level 1-3) : I am trying to support their ability to learn Korean language and culture. I would like to help many of your kids maintain their Korean identity and adjust in another country. "Korean language is not a language, but an identity itself". My tutoring for kids (5~13) makes it fun and easy to learn by using animations in PowerPoint.


(Level 1-3) : Beginner Level 1 is for students who have not studied Korean before. Students will learn to read and write the Korean alphabet, identify common words concerning themselves and their families, read basic vocabulary, simple questions and answers. Level 2, 3 is for students who have a basic command of the language, are familiar with everyday expressions, can make simple sentences and can read all characters.


(Level 1-3) : First, choose the area that you are interested in. At this intermediate level, you learn a diverse and varied advanced vocabulary. Lessons are for students who can understand and communicate in Korean. This course is ideal for students who can speak Korean with confidence in the present, past and future simple tenses. All of the words you learn are presented by topic.


(12 weeks) : This is for anyone who wants to start business in Korea. If you're looking to work in South Korea, knowing how to properly communicate with Koreans including your boss, coworkers, business partners and their cultures is crucial for success. I will provide 12 lessons for your business in Korea.

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A sample lesson for beginners

A sample lesson for intermediates


Chris is very helpful and patient with a beginner like myself. She is very cheerful and pleasant.


"Chris was awesome! She planned a perfect lesson that balanced all of the language learning skills. We talked in Korean a lot and I was able to work on grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening! It was great!"


"The sessions I have had with Chris have been nothing short of an amazing educational experience. Chris is extremely patient and understands how to pace her lessons out according to her student. She is extremely knowledgable, resourceful, and our sessions were always a highlight of my week. She is very dedicated to her students learning process and would even reach out outside of our sessions to better develop my skillset. I am extremely grateful for her assistance through my journey of learning hangul and speaking Korean. I cannot recommend her or her tutoring sessions higher. If you are looking for a great Korean tutor, look no further!"

-Keelin C-

"Chris is a lovely, patient and thoughtful tutor. She has been working with my 2 kids for a few wks now & they love their lessons."

-Sang. K-

"Chris is an excellent teacher. She is patient and friendly. With her lessons, you learn a great deal about not only the language, but the history and culture as well. She has 10 step lesson that is easy to follow and apps that are useful to practice on your own. I appreciate her teaching style very much. She is most definitely one of the best tutors on this platform and I would highly recommend her anyone. "


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