Extra CurriculaR Activities

EXtra curricular activities

Real growth requires stretching your boundaries and experiencing the unfamiliar. WIS encourages all students to be risk takers and push beyond their comfort zone through the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) Programme, which offers more than 36 activities for Prep - Yr 1, more than 38 activities for Yr 2 -5 and more than 40 activities for Yr 6 - 11 in areas such as culture & interest, arts, sport & activity, games, service and activism.

The wide range of activities encourages students to excel by challenging themselves, and growing both as individuals and as a part of a whole. This approach motivates students to picture failure as something not to be avoided, but rather to be used as a learning experience.

Through their experiences in extra-curricular activities, students learn that success in life is not measured by trophies or awards, but through the positive impact we make on those around us.

What ECAs are offered at WIS?

Students may select from a range of activities based on the time of year, and their ages, schedules and interests. WIS structures the ECA programme in four sessions:

Term 1 February 12 - March 23

Term 2 May 1 - June 8

Term 3 July 31 - September 7

Term 4 October 16 - November 23

This approach enables students to experiment with different activities, and discover new abilities and interests. A catalogue is released prior to each session with a full list of available activities