Request for Enhancements

What is an RFE?

Request for Enhancement's (RFE's) provide WI Skyward Districts an additional avenue to pursue the programming of software changes at no cost. Each fiscal year, Skyward® commits to a specific number of programming hours to the Wisconsin Skyward User Group RFE's at no charge to customers. Hours cover the creating of tutorials, estimation of hours, and programming of software changes.

Process Review

  • User submits the RFE through Skyward® site
  • The Wisconsin Skyward User Group's steering committee meets four times a year to review requests and votes whether to send to Skyward® for tutorial and hour estimate for programming
    • Users are invited (via email) to attend the meeting to share their professional opinion regarding the submitted RFE's. There is a limit of 10 users per meeting.
  • If approved, Skyward® staff builds tutorial and programming creates estimate on programming time needed
  • The Wisconsin Skyward User Group's steering committee reviews tutorial and estimate and votes on a priority level for request to programming or voids the request
  • If high priority, the RFE is sent to Skyward® programming to be worked on and incorporated into the product
  • The RFE is issued a release date and soon will appear in an update

2018 RFE Meetings

January 12 - May 11 - July 12 - November 13

An email invitation is sent to each district to send one representative who may benefit from attending a Request for Enhancement (RFE) committee meeting. This is a great opportunity to share your input on any RFE's your district may have recently submitted.

A reply is required as there is a limit of 10 people.

Meetings are held at 9:00 am at the Skyward Corporate Office, located at 2601 Skyward Dr., Stevens Point, WI.

RFE Meetings in Progress