Nice Humans Of Planet Earth(NHOPE); I COME IN PEACE.

I am Qausi Qseudo and I am in desperate need of your attention.

My health has been failing for years and for many years people have been burdened by the task of taking care of me. I would like to repay them, my debts and give others hope.

I am asking each individual NHOPE of 1 unit of your currency, 1 statement of your wish, 1 moment of your social skill to advance my cause.

My cause? to end homelessness globally. Solution? Village farms.

These farms are a SAFE PLACE with training, food, work, housing, medical, art, market, research, emergency management, banking, fundraising, robotics, camping, and A WAY OUT for those in bad environment.

60 Acre blocks with proper zoning: 11 acres pine trees. 11 acres fruit and nut trees. 6 acres berries and vines. 5 acres fish ponds aquaculture, 9 acres cow/pig/chicken, 18 acres garden.

sawmill, blacksmith, solar panels, wind power, smokehouse, barns, equipment(electric robotic,and combustion), Storage units, freezers, dehydrators, canning, and Bee hives.

The governments around the world spend billions a tear and still no solution.

Please choose me to be The Chosen One!

The overseer of Earth's homeless.

See The map plan below:

map plan