IEEE International Workshop on Integrated Smart Healthcare (WISH 2019)


IEEE WISH 2019 will be held in Milwaukee (WI, USA) in conjunction with the 43rd IEEE COMPSAC 2019 which is a IEEE Computer Society Signature Conference on Computers, Software and Applications (COMPSAC'19).

Healthcare is an ever-growing industry all over the world with a steady pace. Both social and commercial implications of healthcare are manifold. Traditional healthcare services have two major drawbacks. First, they are not available all the time and everywhere. Ailing individuals have to visit the caregivers or vice versa to get the healthcare services. This puts a constraint on the patients, especially elderly and/or disabled individuals, and requires sudden medical attention to thwart possible long-term impediment. Second, prevailing healthcare infrastructure and personnel are insufficient to accommodate the needs of the increasing population. Moreover, the changing demographics, like the rapidly ageing population of the world, and factors like pollution and stress put considerable strain on the already fragile healthcare infrastructure.

Designing pervasive systems for Smart Healthcare environments poses many challenges, e.g. with respect to intelligence, scalability, interoperability, robustness, analytics, monitoring, user involvement, safety and privacy, etc. The goal of this workshop is to explore these challenges through practical and buildable solutions. We aim to gather the principal practitioners and their experiences under one roof to discuss their findings, incite collaboration and move the state of the art forward. We plan to position this forum as the premier venue for presenting and discussing work in progress in how to develop and maintain pervasive computing solutions in Smart Health domain.

Therefore WISH2019 solicits papers addressing relevant topics, including - but not limited to - the following:

  • People-Sensing and Crowd-sourcing
  • Inter-operable & connected medical devices
  • Distributed Smart Health platform comprising multiple sensors
  • Wearable and implantable wireless sensors for healthcare
  • Computing for Health Internet-of-Things
  • IoT-Health case studies, test-beds & experimental results
  • Energy efficiency in wireless health monitoring
  • Usability, user friendliness and re-usability
  • Safety-critical smart health systems
  • Communications infrastructure for mobile healthcare apps
  • Protocols for wireless healthcare
  • Secure Computing for Healthcare Systems
  • Securing healthcare data exchange
  • Interference analysis & mitigation for IoT-health devices
  • Performance modelling of mobile healthcare systems
  • Big data in healthcare
  • Scalability, performance and reliability of smart health mobile apps
  • Data fusion, data mining and event detection
  • Diagnostic and decision support algorithms (using Machine Learning and AI)
  • Computing platforms for natural language processing on electronic health records
  • Patient tracking & localization technology
  • Detection, control and spread of epidemics
  • Predictive analytics for Rural Healthcare solutions
  • Multi-modal device interaction
  • User experience and adaptation
  • Accessibility
  • Decision theoretic models in rural healthcare
  • Hardware assisted intelligent systems design for smart healthcare applications
  • Intelligent hardware / embedded systems for smart healthcare
  • Application of emerging technologies in smart healthcare systems design
  • Other emerging design / modelling aspects of such systems / applications

We also welcome papers on novel applications or environments that have a strong Smart Health component, especially if those novel applications and environments challenge existing ideas and design techniques.