The Wireless Communications and Sensing Research Lab (WiSe Lab) is a part of the School of Electrical Engineering at POSTECH, and leaded by Principal Investigator Namyoon Lee. The research at WiSe Lab focuses on fundamentals of wireless communication and sensing problems. The research topics include communication theory, signal processing, statistical inference and learning, and information theory with applications to beyond 5G systems and intelligent radar and navigation systems.

WiSe Labs News

- Recent Awards

삼성 미래 기술 육성센터 과제 선정

6G 무선 통신 시스템: 나이퀴스트의 한계를 뛰어 넘는 초광대역 초저전력 Terabit 통신기술, 2017년 11월 ~2021년 11월 (삼성 미래 기술 육성 센터, 17-2차)

- Recent Conference Papers

  • Jiwook Choi, Yunseo Nam, and Namyoon Lee' ''Spatial Lattice Modulation Techniques for MIMO Systems,'' Accepted to GLOBECOM 2017.
  • Jean de Dieu Mutangana, Ravi Tandon, and Namyoon Lee, ''Blind Cooperative Jamming: Exploiting ISI Heterogeneity to Achieve Positive Secure DoF,'' Accepted to GLOBECOM 2017.
  • Song-Nam Hong, Seonho Kim, and Namyoon Lee, "Uplink Massive MIMO Systems with One-Bit ADCs: A Low-Complexity Weighted Minimum Distance Decoding,'' Accepted to GLOBECOM 2017.
  • Junse Lee, Namyoon Lee, and Francios Baccelli, ''Scaling Laws of Ergodic Spectral Efficiency of MIMO Ad-hoc Networks,'' Accepted to GLOBECOM 2017.
  • Yo-Seb Jeon, Namyoon Lee, and Ravi Tandon "Degrees of Freedom on the Wide-band Multi-cell Multiple Access Channel with no CSIT,'' Accepted to ISIT 2017.
  • Yo-Seb Jeon, Song-Nam Hong, Namyoon Lee, ''Blind Detection for MIMO Systems With Low-Resolution ADCs Using Supervised Learning,'' Accepted to ICC 2017.
  • Song-Nam Hong, Yo-Seb Jeon, and Namyoon Lee, "MIMO Systems with Low-Resolution ADCs: Linear Coding Approach,'' Accepted to ICC 2017.
  • Namyoon Lee, ''A Blind Interference Management Technique for the K-user Interference Channel with ISI: Interference-free OFDM ,'' Accepted to ICC 2017.
  • Song-Nam Hong, Seonho Kim, and Namyoon Lee, "Uplink Multiuser Massive MIMO Systems with Low-Resolution ADCs: A Coding-Theoretic Viewpoint,'' Accepted to WCNC 2017

- Recent Journal Papers

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