The Expressive VoiceWorks presents

Wisdom Voice Coaching


Janet Jean Motika


Vocal tools to get through difficult times

You don’t have to be a singer or know how to use your voice, just bring your curiosity!

I will teach you simple tools and ways to become comfortable with your voice. Next you will learn to use your voice to tune into your body with all of its longings, sorrows, grief, joys, delights and its moments of peace and solace. As you learn to listen to your voice and pay attention to your body, you will build skills and develop resources for resilience. You’ll come to know what

weakens you and what strengthens you.

Many people forget how joy feels in their body. Their lives may be, or may have been, so hard, difficult or just plain busy that they have forgotten what it feels like to be playful, to be silly, to feel joy and delight. Bringing back an awareness of these aspects of oneself is a way of renewing ourselves. It is not denying life’s difficulties, rather it is simply remembering the fun, the joyful, the playful.

Through Wisdom Voice we teach ourselves our own nourishing vocal sounds. This is a great gift. It is a tool we can carry with us anywhere and have available at any time. Our bodies can calm, find balance and greater ease.

Listen to the forgotten sounds and feelings that live within you. This is the wisdom of the voice speaking to us and it is good medicine for our bodies and our spirits.