All About Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many, going to their Santa Clarita Dentist might mean that they’re just going for a checkup, but for others, it could mean a wisdom tooth removal. You might end up needing to get all four removed, and that can be a scary thing. However, this article will go over wisdom tooth removal, what it is, and what to expect when you’re going in.

Now, wisdom tooth removal isn’t required, however, if you have a small mouth, the teeth can crowd there because often, our jaws aren’t big enough to have them come in. because of this, they can either come in at an angle, or not even emerge, which causes great problems for the mouth. Wisdom teeth often cause damage to the molars next door. Dentists often want to take them out before they cause problems and require a more complicated surgery. With the modern diet, we don’t need these teeth as much, since many of us aren’t sitting here eating liver and orgasm meat. Along with that, raw, crunchy foods aren’t seen as much in a person’s diet, but rather, nutrient-poor foods are more prevalent. Bottle-feeding and small sippy cups as well can cause improper jaw development. These have grown soft, and because of that, our jaws aren’t developing big enough.

Now, if you don’t have them removed, this can cause damage to healthy teeth. Along with that, they often will come in at an angle to the teeth next door. If this happens, it will throw your bite off, create areas where foods get in that you can’t clean, along with painful infections. If you skip this, it causes more problems and even harder surgeries to deal with.

However, if it never comes in, there is a chance that the lining around the tooth may become cancerous. You might need to have a more in-depth surgery for this, and it’s a much more complicated procedure. This is one of the many reasons that the sooner they’re removed, the better, for it will cause less problems later in life.

Now, there are two ways for you to get these removed. You could get these before they fully develop, however this is harder to do, since it’s not fully developed yet. Because teeth will grow from the crown to the root, if you get it before the root does develop, there is less surgery and an easier recovery. You should try to get the surgery before the roots come in.

However, if you have to get it after the roots come in, you should do this when you’re not stressed, you’re in good health, can have someone help you, and to have a good surgeon. You should try to do this during a summer break or whenever you’re lucky to have it done. If you’re still in high school or has someone that can do it then, it does help to make sure that you get it done early one, and don’t wait till before a big event.

Now, the recovery is based on a few things. Essentially, if you have local anesthesia or nitrous, you’ll bounce back faster. You should make sure that you eat right, and while soft foods are your choice, don’t just settle for Jell-O and ice cream. If you work to prevent a dry socket as well, including not using a straw, keeping your head elevated, and not brushing immediately over the area, you’ll recover a lot faster.

Essentially, at this point, you can talk with your dentist about having the right sedation, and a good surgeon for this. IV is great if you don’t want to remember a thing, and it makes it easier on the dentist, especially if you’re sensitive to pain. However, it does make you extremely groggy, and most insurance doesn’t cover it. however, do talk to your dentist about it.

Wisdom teeth are always there, and if you think you need them out, do talk to your Santa Clarita dentist. They can help you find a suitable oral surgeon who can get the job done, and from there, you’ll be well on your way to recovery and feeling better about your mouth as well.