Wisconsin Spring Feis


New This Year - Mother's Day Feis on Friday!

Preliminary Championship 2 Rounds and Future Champs

Venue for 2024

OAW Indoor Sports Complex

5330 S Racine Ave

New Berlin, WI. 53146


Registration for the 

Mother's Day Feis and Wisconsin Spring Feis are

Open in QuickFeis!

Exams will open soon!

Mother's Day Feis - PINK OUT Costumes

May 10th-

3:00 PM - Registration Open for Friday & Saturday (different numbers for each Day)

4:30 PM - Grade Exams Begin

4:30 PM - PC Competitions Begin followed by Future Champs then PC 2nd Chance

Feis Entry Caps

PC: 100 Dancers

FC: 40 Dancers

Wisconsin Spring Feis - Solo/School Costumes

May 11th-

7:00 AM - Registration Opens

8:00 AM - First Feis, Grade Competitions and PC/OC Comps

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Adjudicator & Musician Lunch Break

- this is just a projected time and will be based on the stages, it could be early or

later, Grades and Champ Stages could break at different times

12:45 PM - Morning Grade Competitions to End

1:00 PM - All Championship Competitions to End

1:30PM - Novice, Prizewinner 2nd Chance Competitions to Begin

4:30 PM - Afternoon Competitions to End

Feis Entry Caps

Grades: 800 Dancers

PC: 150 Dancers

OC: 125 Dancers

Stage Schedule(s) will be posted on Quickfeis


On site Parking - over 700 parking spaces

Dancers cannot practice in their hard shoes anywhere in the venue. 

Gym shoes and ghillies may be worn in the hallways to warm up.

Details about the Day

More Details Coming Soon

Camping ONLY in Designated Areas. No Coolers or Outside Food.

Camping is allowed in Designated AreasSpectators are allowed into the venue. There will be chairs set up at the stages. Chairs may not be moved. 


Concessions will be open during the competitions. Dancers will not be allowed to bring in outside Food & Beverages into the Venue.  Water is allowed in the Competition Area(s).