2017 Competition Results

Congratulations to all of our

2017 Syttende Mai Competition Winners!

Best of Show: Jan Norsetter

People's Choice Award:

Jan Norsetter's Cello

Beginner Category

First Place - Kathryn Hartmann

Second Place - Marie Stenjem

Third Place - Kim Sime

Honorable Mention- Kim Sime, Marie Stenjem, Marie Stenjem, Tiffany Palm

Intermediate Category

First Place - Elaine Brye

Second Place - Lyn Rein, Elaine Brye

Third Place - Lisa Anderson

Honorable Mention - Elaine Brye, Lisa Anderson, Donna Johnson

Advanced Category

First Place Rhonda Roesch

Second Place - Rhonda Roesch

Third Place - Rhonda Roesch

Honorable Mention - Lin Schoenleben

Professional Category

First Place - Jan Norsetter, Amy Ahrens

Second Place - Amy Ahrens, Jan Norsetter, Nancy Odalen

Third Place - Eugene Kromray

Honorable Mention - Jerry Johnson, Lila Gullixson

Golden Agers Category

First Place - Karen Sanderson

Second Place - Karen Sanderson, Diane Olson

Third Place - Betty Nellen

Honorable Mention - Diane Olson

Natural Wood & Non-Traditional Category

First Place- Peter Stromme

Second Place - Clarence Olson

Third Place - Mary Knoflicek, Loretta Paulman

Honorable Mention - Carol Bender, Carol Bender, Jerry Johnson, Mary Knoflicek