Youth Club Warmup

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to too few teams registering. We'll try again next year.

Wisconsin Ultimate is gauging interest in will be running (cancelled 2018) a youth tournament the weekend of July 14-15 in Madison, WI (Reddan Soccer Park). If interest is available, we will host all divisions present at YCC (U20 B/G/X, U17 B/G) and potentially U15 divisions as well.

This tournament aims to be a playing opportunity for youth teams and could potentially be used in seeding discussions at YCC. This tournament is not intended to be a qualifier to YCC nor exclusive to YCC teams. This event will be a USAU sanctioned event.

The intended participants of the tournament are (in no particular order):

  • YCC teams
  • Teams who apply but don't get into YCC
  • Teams interested in competing at YCC but don't yet have the structure/funds to support such a trip
  • New teams or those uninterested in YCC
  • School based teams
  • Any group of ultimate players who meet the age requirements