Winter Break HS Indoor Tournament

Reminder that all players must have waiver signed prior to play. Waivers can be found here.


2019 Winter Break HS Indoor Tournament


  • 5 on 5 or 4 on 4 as captains decide
  • Stall to 7
  • After a score put the disc down, both teams have 30 seconds to sub. Offense starts 5 (10 for turf) yards from end line with defensive check, or if 30 seconds have expired, a ground check. Pulls only at start of game/half.
  • Court fields will look like a small field, score in endzone as normal. Turf fields can score in goal box (ala MUFA indoor) or agree to anything else.
  • All other rules same as USAU, but keep in mind this will be a lot of kids first time playing. Be lenient and spirited with calls.
  • Two 20 minute halves separated by 5 minute half-time. 15 minutes between games. There will only be one master clock/scoreboard running. All fields will stop/start based on it.