Marahute is Wisconsin's U20 Girls YCC team. 2020 will be our 2nd season and we are very excited to continue to have fun, compete, and grow together!

Preseason Pickup!

Any high school aged womxn are welcome to join us for free indoor pickups. Our current dates are:

  • Saturday February 29th from 8 am to 10 am

Saturday March 21st from 8 am to 10 am COVID-19 Cancellation

Both sessions will be at Breakaway Sports in Fitchburg.

In order to participate you must print / sign this waiver or have a parent / guardian with you who can sign day of.

You'll also need to register for the event through your USAU account, (My Player Account, Register for Individual Events) which we can help you do day of.

2020 Mixed Combine Dates!

Wisconsin Ultimate is partnering with Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association (MUFA) to host 3 separate combine events for players interested in YCC (see below for YCC FAQ). Once these events have concluded, Wisconsin Ultimate will manage the U20 Girls team.

These combine events, that all youth players with any interest in playing YCC or improving their game should attend, are as follows:

  • Sunday May 3rd from 2 pm to 5 pm at Breese Stevens Field COVID-19 Cancellation
  • Friday May 15th from 6 pm to 9 pm at Demetral Park
  • Saturday May 16th from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at Breese Stevens Field

Registration for these events will open soon!


What is a YCC team?

  • A YCC team is a team that competes at the Youth Club Championship tournament. It is comprised of players from the same area and the roster is not limited to one school. Marahute 2019: 16 girls from 6 different schools.

What is YCC?

  • YCC stands for Youth Club Championships. It is a three day tournament that brings together youth teams from all across the country to compete. Teams will play 2-3 games of ultimate per day. There are also clinics, an adult tournament, and other events coupled with YCC.

Where and when is YCC in 2020?

  • YCC is held each year at the National Sports Complex in Blaine, MN. This year's dates are Saturday August 1st through Monday August 3rd.

Is YCC only girls teams?

  • No, there are 3 divisions at YCC: Girls, Boys, and Mixed. Within those divisions, there are also separate U20 and U17 divisions. In the past, Madison has sent a Mixed team and 2 U17 single gender teams and may do so again this year.

What are Wisconsin Ultimate's goals in starting a Girls YCC team?

  • We want to establish more playing opportunities for girls in our community. Players who join and play on club teams see a lot of growth and success on the field, and it is our hope that establishing a YCC team will raise the level of play within Wisconsin's school based teams. YCC and other tournament-based play are some of the most fun ultimate activities around and we want more girls to have that opportunity.

Can anyone join the YCC team?

  • We will welcome any high school age girl to practice with the team. Because of costs associated with the tournament and wanting to ensure that players find value in the experience, we will limit the traveling roster to something between 21-24 players depending on several factors. We commit to having at least 1 player per school that attends tryouts on the traveling roster (so if you are the only player from Central High School that attends tryouts, you will make the traveling roster). This is to ensure that the tremendous value gained from this experience gets brought back to as many schools as possible.

When will tryouts be?

  • Combine dates are listed above for 2020! (May 3rd, 15th, and 16th)

What does the season schedule look like?

  • We will likely practice once per week throughout June and July. The exact times and dates will be determined by surveying players and picking what works best for the most players. Depending on interest and availability, we will also explore attending an additional warm up tournament in June or July.

How much will the season cost?

  • Playing on a traveling club team does have costs associated with it. Uniforms, player fees, and lodging costs all add up. We will know costs more accurately once our roster size is determined. Players who do not make the traveling roster will not have to pay any money. There are several avenues to help lower the cost for players, especially those with financial need. If cost is the only thing stopping you from playing, please reach out and we can figure it out.

Any questions?