Harvest Cup

Harvest Cup: September 28-29th 2019

Unfortunately due to lack of interest, we are cancelling this event for 2019. We'll try again in 2020. Check below for what the event would have entailed!

Wisconsin Ultimate with help and support of Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association is pleased to introduce the Harvest cup. This two day tournament will bring together up to 8 mixed high school teams and up to 8 open middle school teams in Madison, WI this fall. This tournament will be USAU sanctioned and every player will be required to have a current USAU membership* and be on an event roster. Some specifics:

Mixed High School Specific Info:

Ratio: The on field ratio will alternate every two points between 4 girls / 3 boys and 4 boys / 3 girls (just like MUFA summer league).

Roster makeup: USAU uses the gender binary system when asking about gender identity. We know that gender identity does not fall within a binary system, but are stuck within the system currently used by USAU when creating teams--which have gender requirements. In order to encourage equity, rosters must have an equal number of female-identifying and male-identifying players. For example, if you bring 14 players to the tournament, 7 must be girls and 7 must be boys. There is no limit to how many players you can bring, only that there be equal numbers girls/boys.

Teams: While the intent is that teams be comprised of players all from one school, this will not be strictly enforced. If you need to fill out numbers by adding from another school, go for it. Once one team from a school registers, we will wait-list any additional teams from that school until we've given other schools an opportunity (i.e. Central high school wont be able to send an A and B team unless we can't fill up the 8 spots).

Open Middle School Specific Info:

  • 5 v 5
  • U15 teams allowed to fill numbers if needed

While would eventually like to have a robust mixed middle school division, we know that many local communities can not yet support that. For this reason, our middle school division will remain open (anyone can play) for now. Please work with opponents coaches to identify opportunities for equitable play that allows all members of your roster to feel valued. When you register on USAU, you will be signing up for a Mixed division, but only because USAU no longer uses the Open term meaning "anyone." You can sign your mostly or all boys team up for the Mixed division, we just didn't want to confuse any teams with girls by labeling the division Boys.

Info for everyone:

USAU Sanctioned: This event will be USAU sanctioned. If players have already played in a USAU sanctioned event in 2019 (like Madison HS league, a USAU state championship, YCC, or others) they will not need to pay any additional membership fees, but they will need to be added to an event roster. If players are brand new, they'll need a membership and since it will expire at the end of 2019 (before next season's league or state) we recommend an Affiliate Youth membership, which is the cheapest option.

Chaperones: Because this is a youth-sanctioned event, all teams will be required to have at least one USAU approved chaperone on their roster. They will not need to have a coach member like league or state so even if team coaches cannot attend, a parent or other trusted adult could fill in, provided they accomplish USAU's chaperone requirements and are on the event roster.

Rosters: For many of the high school players (and possible some Middle School), playing on a USAU sanctioned mixed team may be a new experience requiring a new team to be created in the USAU system. Detailed instructions for how to create a roster, register for an event, and add players to the event roster can be found on USAU's help page. If you need help, please please please reach out to wisconsinultimate@gmail.com with any questions (earlier rather than later).

Registration: To complete your registration you must complete ALL of the following steps. Bids will not be considered finalized until payment is recieved. Teams will not be allowed to compete if they have not registered on USAU and put all their players on their event roster.

  1. Fill out this Registration Form
  2. Pay the $200 bid fee via this paypal link. If you need another method of payment, email wisconsinultimate@gmail.com
  3. Register your team for the event via your USAU team manager account. From the team page, click "Register for Events" and scroll to find our event, and click the appropriate division.
  4. Put all your players and your chaperone on your event roster. This rostering step must be complete by the week before the event.

As always, please reach out to wisconsinultimate@gmail.com with any questions.