Wisconsin Friends Explore Challenge - fINAL pRIZES aNNOUNCED

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks and Wisconsin Friends Explore challenge are so happy to announce that just over 1700 people signed up and visited Wisconsin state park properties in new fun ways while increasing healthy habits, and connecting with family and friends.

The challenge began during the spring equinox. So many people were anxious to learn about Wisconsin state-owned properties in new and different ways.

The summer went by so quickly and the fall equinox has signaled an end to Wisconsin Friends Challenge 2021.

Winners were selected from a randomly generated computerized list

The final random drawing was held on October 9, 2021. The video will posted on this webpage, our Facebook page, and YouTube.

The winner's first name and zip code is also published on the page below.

Our sponsors, Walmart, Merrell shoes, and Festival Foods have donated the following prizes:


  • 4 - $250 gift cards

  • 5 - $100 gift cards

  • 10 - $50 gift cards

The following challengers were selected for prizes: Use this list, the YouTube link, and the email you have received to verify needed information. Winners must respond to the email within 10 days or forfeit the prize. In that case, another drawing will be held until all of the prizes are claimed.

1. Nikki F. 54016

2. Juliana R. 53718

3. Kris G. 53214

4. Jessica D. 54452

5. Laura L. 54521

6. Sandy S. 53081

7. Cruz f. (Chicago)

8. Stella W. 54115

9. Krista B. 53147

10. Jean W. 53593

11. Cynthia M. 53590

12. Ben P. 54403

13. Helen M. 53122

14. Lori 53051

15. Shannon B. 54501

16. tina g. 53181

17. Kasandra Homberg

18. Carrie M. 54923

19. John Debbie H. 53711

20. Simmons

21. Melissa M. 5357

Complete rules.

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The following have sponsored The Wisconsin Friends Explore - Challenge 2021. Please support our sponsors.

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. (www.fwsp.org)

Merrell (www.merrell.com)

Festival Foods (www.festfoods.com)