This is the official logo for Wisconsin Friends Explore Challenge. The logo illustrates the 22 categories for the Wisconsin Friends Explore Challenge 2021. The Challenge 2021 began on the Spring Equinox and ended on the Fall Equinox.

In March of 2020 and continuing through 2021 …..the Wisconsin state-owned properties experienced a boom in attendance, people were visiting our state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas, setting attendance records. People were also sheltering in place and educating at home. The Friends of Wisconsin responded with new adventures.

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks established a subcommittee of volunteers whose task was to provide a fun-challenging way for everyone to visit Wisconsin State Parks.

There were 22 Challenges in 11 categories including hiking, camping, photography, community service at parks, paddle sports, and many others.

All challenges took place on a Wisconsin State Park System property.

As each challenge was completed it could be documented using either a downloadable logbook or the online logbook. When prize time arrived, the participant’s name was entered into a final drawing for prizes. There was no fee to enter the challenge. A state park vehicle admission sticker and/or trail pass was required.

Over the span of the challenge, there were two prize drawings. Walmart donated over $3000 in prize cards. Merrell donated over $200 dollars in prizes. In addition, a Merrell representative visited many state parks providing publicity for the challenge Festival foods donated $25.

During The Wisconsin Friends Challenge, over 900 people enjoyed Wisconsin state-owned properties. Families enjoyed Wisconsin’s state parks. Over 1500 challenges were registered.

In 2022, we hope to expand and grow the challenge with even more support from our friend’s groups.