Philosophy of Education

  1. All students are capable of learning, and can achieve success in education and life.
  2. Students will be professional in their demeanor and actions, and will understand that the purpose of school is first and foremost to attain an education.
  3. Students will attempt the improbable, work hard, fail and try again, and risk much in the pursuit of learning.
  4. Students will come to grips with this, because it is the reality of education – and it will likely require a change in heart and mindset.
  5. I will work to help students produce the best work possible.
  6. What every student produces matters to me, and I will work to guide, nudge, cultivate, and facilitate learning as much as possible during class.
  7. I want my students to succeed, and I will strive toward that goal.
  8. We, the students and I, will work together to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and success – with the hopes of eventually giving every student as many options as possible in life.